Fave or Fail? (11-15 April 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! This week is a bumper week of faves.


Justice For Aaron

em2_0000_vlcsnap-2016-04-17-10h32m37s253This week saw the long awaited trial of Gordon Livesy for his brutal sexual abuse of son Aaron. It’s a storyline that’s spanned over a third of the year and with it incredible performances and very emotive, challenging scenes, but finally this week Aaron got justice. It’s been a long road of pain and while court cases aren’t often the most gripping television, Emmerdale managed it in a very intense way. Fists were curled at the defence’s accusations thrown at Aaron, fingernails bitten during the testimonies and tears shed as Aaron lost all hope. His sister Liv did what we all hoped she would and turned on Gordon, calling him a liar and a bully meaning the jury were persuaded into the guilty verdict. The trial was full of really powerful individual scenes and it was lovely to see was Aaron’s loved ones rallying round, the whole village in fact, and being there to support him. And now, with a name change and a reunion with Robert – hopefully some happier times. Perhaps though, one of the most poignant moments came once the trial was over, when the realisation came that Gordon being found guilty didn’t remove the years of agony and torment. This seemed like a very real, very heartbreaking moment to close one chapter of this well-handled, sensitive story.

Robron Reunited

em2_0002_vlcsnap-2016-04-17-10h24m08s607Cards on the table, I’m an out and out, huge fan of the behemoth ship known as Robron (that’s Robert and Aaron for those uninitiated) so obviously them reuniting was going to make the faves list. There’s nothing better than passionate, messy, complicated, slow burn relationships in soap and in terms of messy, Robron has been catastrophic. Away from that is the chemistry that Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley always deliver, through the good and bad times for the couple. In recent months Robert’s love for Aaron has been vital for Aaron’s strength to carry on. It’s safe to say Aaron needed him, allowing him to open up in a way he just couldn’t to his family or friends. That was evidenced in the touching final scene of the week, mentioned above, as Robert comforted him. Seeing them tentatively approach starting again, with their soft nervousness was exactly the kind of hope Aaron needed. Aaron’s relieved, warm smile after their kiss and tender hug was a tonic to all the grief he’s suffered. Here’s hoping for some long-lasting happiness!

David and Zak’s Heart to Heart

em2_0003_vlcsnap-2016-04-17-10h21m57s138David’s testicular cancer story has already been emotional, even though it’s just begun. I’m here to confess the scene where Jacob called David “Dad” really had me choked – Emmerdale really know how to tug on the heartstrings. The nice thing about David as a character is his ability to weave the serious and sad with the funny – like this week when we learnt one of his balls is named Eric (not after his dad, he reassured Leyla but after Eric and Ernie). One of the most surprising and successful moments of the week was when Zak and David – two characters we rarely see interact – discussed his diagnosis. Long term Emmerdale viewers will know that Zak had testicular cancer himself in the early noughties and so he was exactly the right person to speak to David and give him a very honest insight into how he might feel. He gave David the outlet he couldn’t get from his family as well as telling him what to expect without sugar coating it. It’s scenes like this that Emmerdale excel at – the quiet conversations. It’s not always the characters you expect to open up to each other and sometimes that’s why they work so well.

Pearls of Wisdom

em2_0004_vlcsnap-2016-04-17-10h22m34s359Pearl is by far one of the funniest villagers in Emmerdale. If it’s not her quirky berets and habit of saying the most inappropriate things at the worst time, it’s just her general joie de vivre. This week she “helped” Vanessa interview vets for the surgery for when Paddy and Rhona are away. Pearl made a striking entrance (pushing Ness to one side) in an outfit straight from 1987 (as Vanessa put it) and then put the poor interviewee through a surreal and hilarious list of questions. Her hysterical power trip was one of the funniest moments of the week and in a week with such dark and upsetting stories it was a perfect moment of light relief. Maybe if Lord Sugar ever steps down from The Apprentice, Pearl could give the candidates a good grilling.


Taking Sides

em2_0001_vlcsnap-2016-04-17-10h25m45s806Oh Kerry! She’s normally the funny Geordie lass with a sharp tongue and big heart but it’s been so disappointing to see her treatment of Lisa and Belle over this whole Zak and Joanie disaster. Zoanie (as Dan revoltingly termed them this week) is like seeing your dad run off with another woman, isn’t it? And it’s a hard plot to get over, especially with the whole engagement car crash I moaned about last week. Kerry is usually pretty insensitive but she’s only befriended Joanie recently so it feels like she’s being unnecessarily vicious when she keeping banging on about Zak and Joanie getting married right in front of Lisa and Belle at the factory. It doesn’t seem right that she’s so bitchy and cruel to Lisa – is she really that heartless? I didn’t think so but it’s put right off her.


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