Fave or Fail? (18-22 April 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! After the many highs of last week this week was a little meh all round.


Rhona and Vanessa’s Friendship

em3_0003_Layer-2Rhona had a pretty shit week as her and Paddy decided to put an end to their marriage and despite making the VERY questionable decision to let Pierce shack up with her (erm WARNING WARNING!) Vanessa was on hand to talk some sense into her. But as soon as Pierce was on the scene, Rhona started shutting her best mate out of the picture. Was it really about support, or Pierce’s hairy chest in a dressing gown? As Rhona decided to be a shoulder for Pierce to cry on, happily skimming over the fact that he’s a serious mess right now and tried to sabotage their business only last week she really stuck her claws into poor Ness, calling her a busy-body. But when even Pearl tried to bash their heads together, Rhona realised it was about time she apologised. There’s something really lovely and genuine about Rhona and Vanessa’s friendship so thank god they made up before the end of the week. With Pierce around, making himself very comfortable in Paddy’s place, this looks like it’s only the start of something worrying for Rhona – she’s really going to need Vanessa.

David and Dylan

em3_0004_Layer-1David’s testicular cancer story has barely begun, but it’s already managing to be both emotive and heart-warming. As with many of David’s stories, Emmerdale hasn’t played this story completely straight and serious (bum flashing ahoy) but somehow this makes the sadder moments even more effective as we all come to realise the gravity of what a nice, fun guy like David is about to face. He doesn’t just have his own fears about the future but Amba, Jacob and his father’s own vulnerability to worry about. This week saw some stand out scenes with a young lad named Dylan who David met as he was waiting for his results. Once again it’s the simple scenes that work most successfully in Emmerdale. Dylan faced his bleak future with humour and optimism (warmly played by actor Charlie Gallagher). After David’s test results and plagued with anxieties of what the future might bring, he managed a brave face after unloading some of his concerns with Eric before saying “Up yours” to cancer. Couldn’t have said it any better.

The Dream Team

em3_0001_Layer-4My love for bad boy Ross had waned the last few months after the endless, tedious Debbie and Ross debacle but actually, pairing him up with sharp-tongued Charity just might be the dream team we’ve been waiting for. They already have the slightly reluctant co-parenting situation to handle (poor sweet Moses, you have no idea what kind of trouble mummy and daddy are) and with Ross involved in Charity’s dodgy dealings it might be even better. With Charity desperate for cash, and Ross sitting on his gun-toting brother-death-pact secret, it’s a partnership that works for them both – not to mention the two have a sparky, sarky chemistry that works surprisingly well. It at least makes a change from Charity’s pining over Cain and Ross stuck sulking over dour Debs.


Cringey Behaviour

em3_0002_Layer-3Tracy and Belle have been tough to watch this week and no, not because of emotional, tough storylines (sidenote: can we see more of the ladies get big hard-hitting plots please?) but because their behaviour has been plain embarrassing. Tracy is one of my underappreciated favourites (I know, controversial) and I think she can be a right laugh in the village, but her desperate flirting with a troubled David left me feeling uncomfortable and it’s hard to believe she couldn’t read his cold no-go signs. And as for Belle, even if she is charmed by married Doctor Bailey’s bedside manner her flirtatious efforts are toe-curling. That’s not to mention her bratty behaviour when it came to Joanie (I’m no fan but yeesh, what an attitude) – it’s going to be one big bump to earth sometime soon!

Joanie and Zak’s Ring Saga

em3_0000_Layer-5Here we go. The ongoing saga of Joanie’s missing engagement ring. I’m sure Lord of the Rings was over faster than this plot. Who cares?! More detestable Zak, more unlikeable remarks from Kerry, more pity-parties from Joanie, more weird behaviour from Rishi. The only one who emerges from this story with any sort of dignity is Lisa. She manages to rise above any pain and hurt and does the right thing (eventually). In fact she’s so admirable and calm that I reckon she’d deserve a pay rise if it wasn’t for Rishi going ga-ga over Joanie. The fact is, it’s hard to feel any sympathy for Zak and Joanie and the “cruel” treatment of their “love” when it started in such an ugly way so it’s hard to care when they are whinging about being ganged up on. Joanie told Lisa she’d have to get over it and to stop punishing them! The cheek of it! Lisa’s been married to Zak for years – she’s got every right to still be upset! Serious RAGE inducing TV. Zak got arrested this week in suspicion of arson in the factory after another go at Rishi out of jealousy and I almost wished he had been locked up, it would at least have saved us from watching any more of this terrible relationship.


One thought on “Fave or Fail? (18-22 April 2016)

  1. And then there was Robron disappearing into a black hole instead of onto a plane to Barcelona, with the fans left to imagine how they would spend Rob’s milestone birthday. It felt careless and anticlimactic after the long wait for their reunion…


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