Scene of the Week (18-22 April 2016)



Paddy and Rhona packed in their plans to go to Germany this week as it dawned on Rhona that leaving for a fresh start wouldn’t fix their mess of a marriage. Could’ve told you that last week, Rhona! Having decided she couldn’t stay with Paddy when she couldn’t trust him, Paddy decided the only option was for him to leave for Germany alone and Rhona agreed. I mean, just imagine how awkward the vet surgery would be if they both stayed – yeesh. After a touching goodbye to Leo and a tense farewell with Rhona, Paddy drove away. Paddy has grown to be someone pretty unlikeable and unrecognisable since his ill fated affair with Tess so maybe a break is for the best, but it was a great scene where Paddy looked back at the house and adorable little Leo trotted down the path as if he was chasing Paddy’s car. That was a real ‘aww’ moment. Poor lil guy.


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