Fave or Fail? (25-29 April 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! It was bums ahoy in a strangely comedic week.


Community Spirit

em4_0001_Curves-3Even though Emmerdale is a village where you’re one kiss away from a family connection, sometimes characters have a habit of sticking to the same group of interactions even when they’re all gathered in The Woolpack of a lunchtime. If you’re Bob or Chas you get to natter with everyone, but sometimes it’s the most random conversations that are the most fun. New producer Iain MacLeod (whose work is not yet screened but who has admitted to tweaking existing plots) said he wants to see a nicer village full of friendship and that – in a village full of crims, feuds and Thursday madness – is music to my ears. And this week was the perfect example of the community spirit the show has been crying out for. Sure the convention plot was cringey and the charity fundraiser in the middle of a shop is a bit baffling but we got to see lots of the villagers mingling in each other’s lives. We had the quirky Sam/Megan supportive friendship, Victoria and Finn joining forces again (finally), Jimmy and Jai forming a weird daddy day care and who could forget Pearl winning Jimmy in the charity auction? (So.much.nudity) Even Emma and James managed to leave Dale View and mix with others! More events like this please Emmerdale, and not just weddings that end in death!

Pollard Pals

em4_0002_Curves-2Eric was there for everyone this week even though he was struggling to cope with David’s cancer. He tried to hold it together in front of Tracy and then had to talk sense into David before his operation, but the scene that was most powerful and surprising was the touching moment with Finn at the BnB. Disheartened that the world was marching on without him and that he was sick of being a skivvy, Finn decided to hand his notice in. Life for Finn (and the rest of us) just isn’t the same without Val. Eric was quick to reassure Finn that he means more to him than that (huge awws all round) but told him he should grab life with both hands. Obviously thinking about his own son’s future, Eric’s advice was spot on and heart-warming and the unlikely bond was sealed with a hug. Truly lovely scenes – I could get used to this warm fuzzy feeling from Emmerdale!

David and Tracy

em4_0000_Curves-4Emmerdale treated us to the really cute pairing of David and Tracy this week but it was more than just their sweet moments that were a success. After embarrassing herself last week (and again on Monday by calling him a poser) Tracy opened up to David and told him that she fancied him. Trying to make her feel better, David cracked open some wine and played some Adele and it wasn’t long before the flirting escalated. They were pretty cute together, let’s be honest, and it was nice to see a more vulnerable softer side to Tracy. Eric had accidentally let slip about David’s cancer diagnosis and that of course led to a bit of a messy confrontation when David realised – and worried it was only a sympathy shag. But Tracy has her head screwed on, knowing that David’s outburst was the stress and upset talking. It’s a tough time for David and he needs all the support he can get and Tracy seems like she’d be good at that no-nonsense approach. He might not be ready for love yet, but there’s definitely a spark there!


Finn the Fool

em4_0003_Curves-1If this week proved anything it’s that Finn Barton needs decent storylines. Fact. It’s not that his comedy capers aren’t sometimes amusing, but seeing him taken for a fool at his hastily arranged, but very impressively organised ComicCon, was on the wrong side of embarrassment. Frankly, Finn deserves better than a silly costumes and a criminal record. He’s a smart guy and it’s getting a bit draining to watch Finn always take the fall for his brothers and end up either in trouble or upset – give the guy a break! We’ve seen actor Joe Gill really deliver on the serious stuff before (think post-helicopter disaster) so why is he always used so sparingly? Give us all a break from Ross’s desperate sob stories and give something meaty to Finn for a change – he deserves more than being stepped on.

Love Doctor

em4_0004_BackgroundI love a good soap affair, who doesn’t? But there’s something a bit ick about Belle’s fling with Dr Bailey. Whether it’s the fact she’s literally grown up before our very eyes and still seems so very young, or Jermaine Bailey’s sudden U-turn from “you’re too young” to “I can’t stay away, snog me now!”. Right in full view of the pigs – I bet they were grossed out too. Dr Bailey just seems like a bit of a sleaze full stop, especially when you see the intelligent and gorgeous wife of his – what sort of man cheats on a woman like that with an impressionable 17 year old? Not a doctor I’d trust anyway. It’s a shame their sudden passion for each other isn’t a bit more believable because the fireworks when this all comes out could’ve been even bigger.


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