Scene of the week (25-29 April 2016)


It was the awkward moment to end all awkward moments this week as Dr Bailey (or Jermaine if you’d prefer that, said in the lusty tones of Belle) discovered the truth about Belle. A) she’s a Dingle [that spells trouble] and B) she’s only 17. Yeesh. Having visited Wishing Well Cottage to check up on Lisa after an angina attack, Dr Bailey was happily in professional (yeah…) GP mode when he stumbled upon a photo of Belle and Lisa gave the game away. Yep, not only was she still living at home with Lisa and the pigs (so much for the housemates) but she was only 17! You could see the penny drop for Dr B and the realisation (the school books, the old photo of her in her grey school uniform casually on display in the living room) was a perfect moment. Such was the shock he didn’t even manage to finish his cuppa and legged it out the front door. Of course his resolve to stay away from Belle didn’t even last the week but boy, there’s going to be hell to pay when Cain finds out.


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