Scene of the week (2-6 May 2016)


It was a bit of a shitty week for Lawrence, let’s be honest. Not only was he saddled with his worst nightmare of a business partner (a supremely smug Robert), he learnt of Edna’s death and then he had Chrissie fixated on the identity of her birth father. It’s no wonder that he finally broke and revealed that – dun dun dun – he’s not Chrissie’s biological father and has known from the start! Lawrence is not always the most sympathetic of characters but his love for Chrissie is unwavering so it was a powerful scene all the same. His past is probably the most interesting aspect of his character and while we’ve been told bits and pieces, it’s never been entirely clear what his relationship with his wife was like. Now we’re getting a better idea, but having learnt later in the week that Rebecca could be his, I’m itching to know the full story.


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