Fave or Fail? (9-13 May 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! This week was a hard watch – we said a final goodbye to Edna, Diane left The Woolpack (sob!) and Aaron faced more heartache.


Time to Say Goodbye

vlcsnap-2016-05-15-08h49m26s626Emmerdale played full tribute to Edna this week with her funeral taking centre stage at the end of the week. It was a rare and welcome sight to see so many of the villagers gathered to pay their respects and relied heavily on the history of the show. One of the several stand-out scenes worthy of praise was the moment in which the choir’s singing during the burial overlapped Sandy and Ashley’s prayer on the bridge. The Thomas’s troubled and private ceremony was intimate and touching (although what would Edna think about her hat getting soggy?!) and everything from Pearl’s teary church speech, to Jimmy raising a glass seemed just right and a fitting way to send off a villager that meant so much to so many.

Preposterous Plan

vlcsnap-2016-05-15-08h48m02s045“What is Emma playing at?” was the overriding thought at the beginning of this week, and last week when she made a barmy attempt to persuade Pete to stay in Emmerdale, by – wait for it – pretending she had motor-neurone disease. Emma isn’t your conventional mother or villain but I found it hard not to be entertained by her plan this week – because a) it had disaster written all over it b) she OWNED Doctor Bailey like you’d never believe. In fact, that scene alone – where she looked him straight in the eye with a smile and blackmailed him into lying for her – is worthy of a position on my ‘fave’ list. Of course Dr. B played her right back and thankfully the crazy plan didn’t last too long. Emmerdale avoided taking the plot down a very panto route and saved Emma from that fate too as we saw her crack and the vulnerability seep through. This made a nice change from last year when she did very reckless things without much remorse. I like Emma’s edge but as long as we don’t veer into cartoony displays of her desperate behaviour I’m interested to see her next steps.

Landlady Love

vlcsnap-2016-05-15-08h47m14s754First things first, Diane leaving The Woolpack feels plain WRONG. I wanted to jump into the TV and barricade the doors so she couldn’t leave. There’s something so warm and maternal having her there and now she’s moved out I worry we’ll see her less and less. Can we get a change of heart and reinstate her? Please! Diane makes my fave list this week, simply for being a fave. We haven’t seen nearly enough of her lately and with so many connections in the village it’s about time we did. And on that note – why didn’t a single member of her family go to her leaving do at the pub? She was left with just Doug and his memory foam pillow. Still, with less beer-fuelled fights to break up we might see a happier Diane, but maybe not as happy and wistful as she looked when she was staring lovingly at the photo of Jack in the pub. More Diane please!


Happy Never After

vlcsnap-2016-05-15-08h45m55s520Just as life was beginning to look up for Aaron, things came crashing down again this week. You’d think after all the hell he’d been through in Emmerdale, the powers that be would let up a bit, right? I mean, his abusive father had been found guilty, he’d finally reunited with boyfriend Robert and his sister had come back into his life. Time for some happiness, yeah?  Nope. Since the court case, Aaron has been struggling to parent his troublesome kid sister so he hasn’t exactly had an easy time of it but this week saw him put the Livesy name behind him after Gordon was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Dingle Party! Then came the news Robert had kept a letter from Gordon secret and as if that wasn’t grief enough, DS Wise came with the news Gordon had killed himself. I can’t help but feel this final twist put a bit of a dampener on what had been a powerful conclusion to the child abuse storyline, robbing Aaron of closure and justice and prolonging the sadness. Isn’t it time to let Aaron smile for more than one episode?

Kidnap King

vlcsnap-2016-05-15-12h22m45s578Cain took his annual kidnapping adventure a little early this week as he bundled Rakesh into the boot after a case of mistaken identity. Oops! I love Cain and I don’t even mind a kidnap once in a while but this one was tired and tedious. We’ve been here before, and better. Rakesh’s fear – and let’s face it, you’d be shitting yourself – wasn’t especially convincing. You’d think he’d been given a torturous tickling session rather than been kept tied up in a barn all night. This seems like a leftover Thursday cliffhanger plot they had kicking around so of course it blew over pretty quickly and we can forget it ever happened – hooray!


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