4 Storylines To Cheer Up Aaron Dingle

Life is pretty damn miserable for Aaron Dingle and let’s be honest, has been for ages. Even when he finally gets the happiness he deserves (justice – check, hot boyfriend – check, reunion with his little sister – check) something comes along to ruin it. Just when you think the soap gods might decide to let him smile, they cackle and change their minds. No more, I say, no more! It’s time to look to the future.

Here are a few tongue in cheek storyline suggestions that might make Aaron smile:


Aaron Gets a Puppy

We all know man’s best friend is a dog and if anyone deserves a furry four-legged pal, then it’s Aaron. We all remember how heartbroken he was at the death of the beloved Clyde so maybe it’s time for a new pup in his life and I don’t mean the barely seen guard dog, Scrappy. It’d be good for Aaron to have someone to talk to, to let off steam with and go for walks with without the stress that the doggy will go behind his back. Even better, if he needs to get Liv in line – or out of the way for some Robert-time – then she could be first on the list for walkies duty.


Holiday Spin Off

While the suggestion of Robron Do Barca was cruelly ripped from our clutches, who’s to say a holiday spin-off (probably on ITV2) wouldn’t go down a treat? We had a nice glimpse of Aaron enjoying a frolic in the sea with mum, Chas, during the winter and a very traumatic time so what would be happier than to see him enjoying an ice cream in sunnier weather? Sure, if the Emmerdale budget doesn’t stretch as for a romantic getaway or a Lads on Tour trip with Adam, then what about Aaron and co take a soggy caravan trip somewhere? Nothing brings a family closer than being stuck indoors when its pouring down and the telly’s broken. Camp fires, tent disasters and creepy crawly overload – sign me up for this spin off!


Aaron Wins a Sportscar

Maybe he finds a scratchcard or maybe he enters one of those This Morning competitions when he’s skiving off work, but winning a sportscar might just put a smile on his face. Aaron has spent his working life either grubby from fixing other people’s cars or up to his elbows in scrap, so it could be time for him to own a nice little motor for a change. A sleek Audi, a flash Mercedes, a revved-up soft top – he’d be an envy of all the motor enthusiasts in the village and we know a shiny new car would put a smile on his boyfriend’s face too, if not a twinge of envy!


The Scrapyard Gets its Own Scripted Reality Series

This one’s a little out there, but picture this storyline: a budding young TV producer gets stranded in Emmerdale village and a desperate need to come up with a pitch for a new scripted reality TV show. Think low budget Channel 5. BnBs have been done, young farmers are in vogue, but scrapyard shows already have their own dedicated following – then bingo Holey Scrap. I mean it’s basically a cheesy TV title as it is. A show within a show. Perfect. What could be better for drama? It’s run by two attractive best mates, one straight one gay (perfect, the TV producer thinks – we’ve got our demographics covered) and considering their business partner is the lover of one and the brother-in-law of the other – it’s a hot bed for drama. Okay, so Aaron probably wouldn’t enjoy being on TV and it’d probably give him more stress but more larks in the scrapyard could be a good way to get him laughing again. Just an idea.


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