Fave or Fail? (16-20 May 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! The kids were alright this week – Pierce and Rhona were definitely not.


Dragging Him Down

em6_0002_BackgroundEver since Megan went to town on Jai in court last year, calling him out for being a lying, cheating scumbag she’s developed into a great character. I’ve loved her strange friendship with Sam, but even more I’ve enjoyed seeing her stand up for herself as an independent woman and single mother. This week put Megan firmly at the top of my ‘Faves’ list for the brilliant scene where she landed Jai right in it with his potential new wife. In what was an incredible awkward and tense moment for Jai, the punches just kept coming from Megan. It was fantastic. She played it perfectly – just when you thought she might go a bit easier on him, she pulled out every trump card – the cheating, the wives, the coke habit, the revenge on Charity. All followed by a smug little cackle.

Kind Heart

em6_0005_BackgroundOh Jakey. What a sweetheart. He’s understandably really worried about David’s chemo and he went to great lengths this week to try and look after him. First of all it was reading the forums and putting together a chemo kit to keep David occupied during the boredom of his treatment and then he bonded with Dylan. Of course Dylan’s tragic demise meant Jacob was extra paranoid about losing David and began panicking about every last germ. Poor guy! With him reaching for the gloves and bleach every few minutes it wouldn’t be surprising if Jacob developed OCD or germaphobia. Props to Joe-Warren Plant who’s making Jacob into a loveable and caring young lad – and we certainly need them in the village!

Star of the Family

em6_0001_BackgroundIt was a bad week for another of the village’s youngsters as poor lil Arthur got injured helping to build the pirate ship and then was left at the hospital when Ashley forgot about him! Seeing the little one’s lost face as he wandered the hospital car park in the search for his dad really tugged at the heart strings but Arthur, being the resilient trooper that he is, recovered pretty quickly and was in high spirits the next day despite the family’s worries. Using Arthur as a key player in Ashley’s dementia story is a real strength, showing the impact of his illness on a greater scale for the whole family. But sadness aside, Arthur is shaping up to be a right little smiley star of the family and I love the innocent joy he brings to the Thomases, even in their difficult times.


Disappearing Storyline

em6_0003_BackgroundSometimes, when Carly’s in the background of scenes, aiding Tracy with her love-life or restocking David’s shelves it’s easy to forget what a powerful and emotionally draining moment it was when Carly confessed to having lost a baby. It’s easy to forget that Carly has had a rough few years and covers this sometimes with a hard layer. But since those confessional episodes it’s barely been mentioned and what a shame that is. Gemma Atkinson knocked those scenes out of the park and ever since then her scenes with Marlon have held a depth that she just hasn’t had with those not privy to her secret. So a fail this week? Not giving Carly a story. We were teased with the idea they might revisit her tragedy when she offered support for Laurel, but isn’t it about time Carly herself had a bit of focus? It’s taken me a while to warm to her but I hope her sensitive side doesn’t go to waste if all the material she gets is serving customers.

Screaming into the Wind

em6_0004_BackgroundIf this week proved anything, it has to be this – there’s something in the water at Smithy Cottage. First it was Paddy, acting completely out of character and shagging Tess (RIP btw) and now it’s Rhona who’s gone completely barmy. As if befriending the slightly unhinged (albeit slightly attractive) Pierce wasn’t a bad enough idea – wake up Rhona he’s vulnerable and unstable – she’s now having a secret relationship with him! I could understand that she’s lonely and vulnerable too, seeking someone who was also hurt by the Paddy/Tess CAR CRASH (um…literally) but he’s hardly casual fling fodder. The fact he seems likely to go to extremes to avenge his wife seems quite a soapy fun character trait, but dragging Rhona into it is weird and unbelievable. She’s been quick to lie and turn against BFF Vanessa and as for the whole shouting into the wind and acting like two randy teens – yeesh. It’s all very strange and out of character. Sure, keep Pierce as mysterious and unpredictable, but don’t make Rhona unrecognisable – that’s what happened to Paddy and no one liked that. Now excuse me while I go and scream my Emmerdale frustrations into the wind…



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