Scene of the Week (16-20 May 2016)



In another harrowing week for Aaron, Chas did her very best to lighten the mood with a bit of car karaoke and a powerful burst of Total Eclipse of the Heart. After visiting Gordon in the morgue and feeling miserable that he wasn’t able to speak his mind, Chas reminded Aaron of the good things in his life. When that didn’t put a smile on his face, singing into her keys just about did it. This touching (if slightly cringey) scene was hopefully a lovely glimpse into what the future holds for the show under new producer Iain MacLeod as he’s promised more warmth between characters. Not only did we get to hear a burst of Soapstar Superstar runner up (sidenote: wasn’t that show great?!) Lucy Pargeter sing, but it shifted the tone of the moment, leading to a brief spell of peace for Aaron. I mean, it didn’t even last until the end of the episode but a girl can dream, right?!


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