Fave or Fail? (23-27 May 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! Secrets, lies and dangerous decisions – just your average week in The Dales!


The Bartons Come to Blows

em7_0005_BackgroundThe Barton Drama was at full throttle this week and the family collided in so many ways that it was far far better than your standard Pete vs Ross war. First you have Emma vs Charity which is all kinds of fun, particularly now that they’re bound forever by cute little Moses, then there’s Holly fracturing the powerhouse of Coira from within. I was really glad that Moira believed Cain and it didn’t go the soapy route of her jumping to the wrong conclusions and while her take-down of Holly was a tad harsh, it was kind of satisfying to see Moira crack. Moira being Moira was quick to become regretful and make it up with Cain too, but with Holly overdosing and Cain making the terrible decision to delete the voicemail it’s going to be a rocky road when his wife finds out the truth. I’m braced and ready. It was great to see the Bartons all come together with tensions boiling over from all their complicated past. It was the first time that the extended family – with Ross and Pete rescuing their cousin – really felt like a family. One big question though, where are Adam and Vic in all this? Their absence felt like a major oversight.

Lawrence’s Angst

em7_0001_BackgroundThe Lawrence and Ronnie storyline is one of my favourites at the moment, even if it gets nudged down my ‘faves’ list for the slightly ridiculous moment of Lawrence getting Sam to put a shotgun on Ronnie. Let’s just pretend that never happened! Anyway! With Ronnie revealing he and Lawrence used to be lovers, shit got real as Lawrence was confronted with the past that he’d tried to bury for so long. With Ronnie hanging around the village to help Rakesh and Lawrence plagued with panic and guilt about his past catching up with him, it’s very exciting indeed. What will Bernice think when it all comes out? Chrissie? And what are Lawrence’s true feelings? Is Ronnie really now nothing to him or is he so desperate to get rid because those long repressed feelings haven’t actually gone away? This is a GREAT storyline.

Friendship Goals

em7_0002_BackgroundThis week was all about friendship goals. I’m talking about two solid friendships in the village getting some air-time: Sam and Megan, Tracy and Carly. Sam is an angel as we all know and this week saw him buy some essentials for Megan as she tried to give him a smarter makeover to get his job back at Home Farm. Theirs is a friendship so unlikely but it’s so sweet how they seem to genuinely care about each other. As for Tracy and Carly, they had their own sing along to Steps (One For Sorrow) as Tracy moved into Tug Ghyll and gave Vanessa a bit of a stress headache. It’s early days but the gal pad of feisty blondes could be really good fun!


Bad Babysitter

em7_0003_BackgroundI really love Jimmy King and his buffoonery, especially when it comes to his hilarious relationship with wife Nicola, but I just wasn’t sure he’d be so shameless in using Ashley as a hideaway and an excuse not to do the things Nicola needed him for. Would Jimmy really be as selfish as to park his bum down and send Ashley down the shops and tell Nico how desperately worried he was for his pal, just to avoid a bit of shopping and chores? I can’t help but feel bad for poor Ashley too – even though he doesn’t remember – because everyone is lying and tip-toeing around him. Surely there must be a better way to protect Ashley?

Messy Meddling

em7_0004_BackgroundI’ve got to admit, Holly is one of my least favourite characters and there’s little I’ve enjoyed about her return so far (except for the drama she’s been a catalyst for, as I mentioned above) but this week she gave me a serious attack of the cringe. If flirting with Cain and hanging onto his every word wasn’t bad enough, this week saw her move in for a kiss. Yikes! But the worst bit of the week? Trying to get one over on Charity and dye her hair blue. Not only did the scene give me second hand embarrassment but her impression of Bernice was so unconvincing that unless Charity had shampoo in her ears I’d find it impossible to believe she’d fall for it. Charity’s been a little panto since her return and this kind of “hilarious” prank did neither character any favours.



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