Emmerdale Wins Big at the British Soap Awards


A beautiful, historic thing happened at the weekend: Emmerdale won Best Soap at the British Soap Awards! Finally the country is catching up with the fact that Emmerdale is awesome and after 18 years of gracious loser faces, the cast and crew en masse were allowed up on stage to collect the trophy. Victory at last! Here is a run down of what prizes they won:

Best Scene: Val’s Death


What I wouldn’t give to be able to bring the magnificent Valerie Pollard back from the dead, but seeing Val’s death triumph as Best Scene was a great feeling. You couldn’t fail to grin as Charlie Hardwick (Val) took theatrically to the stage, joined by the fantastic Elizabeth Estensen (Diane) who seemed fairly emotional about the win. Two Emmerdale icons in their own right, this was the perfect choice and the actresses clearly loved working together. Val’s death was superbly dramatic and fitting for such an iconic character. Sure, being beheaded by a sheet of glass isn’t a nice way to go, but Val’s exit will be remembered forever.


Best Male Dramatic Performance AND Best Actor: Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle)


Back in The Dales and back at the top of his game, Danny Miller stormed the soap awards with two big wins – one voted for by the experts and one by us mere mortals, the fans. Pretty impressive when you consider that Emmerdale is often seen as the underdog. But it’s no surprise that people voted for him to win when you see Danny’s powerhouse performances during the child abuse storyline. It would have been a complete injustice if he’d walked away empty handed considering we’ve seen his best work to date, as well as being part of soap’s biggest and most talked about couple of the moment – Robron, obvs. It was lovely to see all the cast behind him and while I was secretly hoping he might just nab Best Onscreen Partnership with Ryan Hawley, or the Best Storyline award – a double win is definitely great going.


Best Soap: Emmerdale


Can you believe in the British Soap Awards’ 18 year history that Emmerdale had never won Best Soap? Well that all changed on Saturday as they picked up the big prize and you could tell by the cast reactions that they weren’t expecting it either. It’s been an amazing year and they’ve consistently given us a great mix of high drama and laughs delivered by a fantastic cast and an wonderful range of characters. Emmerdale has it all and watching them win gave me huge pride to be a fan. John Middleton’s speech on stage really evoked all the emotions. It was a rousing, passionate and joyous moment. Go Team Emmerdale! Keep up the hard work – you’re amazing.


And if you want to help keep Emmerdale victorious – throw them a vote at the TV Choice Awards!


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