Fave or Fail? (30 May-3 June 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! It’s a bumper selection of faves in a great week in Emmerdale which saw both Robron and Coira being tested by family and loyalty.


Happy Families?

vlcsnap-2016-06-05-11h00m28s428In another difficult week for Aaron, there might just be something good on the horizon as his new little makeshift family came together as one. What a welcome change it made to see Aaron and Robert happy and affectionate towards each other – even if it was for all of five minutes. I’ve already mentioned how much I enjoyed Liv and Robert bonding and the drama that came with the two of them trying to get along, albeit warmly begrudging. Danny Miller gave another powerful performance at Gordon’s funeral and despite his wayward sis trying to get his boyfriend banged up (and the subsequent rift that caused) they were all happy to have dinner together at the end of the week. Sometimes it’s the most unexpected family units that work and this one just does. Fingers crossed Aaron can find a little peace with these two by his side before something else comes along to put him through the wringer!

Testing Times

vlcsnap-2016-06-05-11h03m29s649The aftermath of Holly’s overdose continued this week giving the Bartons and Cain and Moira’s marriage a huge challenge and featured amazing scenes between Coira. It’s the type of story with issues of trust and loyalty and love and dilemmas big enough to rock any family with two big characters at its heart. Luckily for us viewers, Cain and Moira both brought their own histories to the story making their divide believable and painful. Cain, while unforgiving and cruel when it came to dealing with Holly’s addiction, was projecting his own childhood issues onto matters as well as having a desire to protect Moira. Moira, who I love for her fiery and determined personality, struggled at the heart of the family and wanting to stop her daughter falling into another drug spiral. Thankfully Cain realised that they had to support Holly together and the two made up. Hopefully this is not the first crack in the marriage and the pair of them can stay strong.

Whole Lotta History

vlcsnap-2016-06-05-11h01m19s821Cain had a pity party for one in The Woolpack and later in the garage in the wake of his big bust up with Moira. There’s no one that does brooding quite like Cain, but it was other villagers confronting him that I really enjoyed. In amongst Charity’s stirring, Adam rocked up to the pub ready to defend his family and called Cain out on his hypocrisy. And he was right – think of all the times he’s blindly defended Debbie! Okay, it was a hugely complex situation for the Bartons but seeing Adam take him on was a great scene. Later on, a really well written and performed scene Laurel confronted Cain too. This scene leant heavily on the history of the characters and their pasts – Laurel’s alcohol addiction and Cain’s childhood suffering– which meant Cain’s change of heart believable and consistent. There wasn’t an OOC twists or plot developments – it was soap at its best: character driven.

Hitting the Fan

vlcsnap-2016-06-05-11h01m56s407There’s something super satisfying about secrets being revealed in soap and even better when it’s been brewing under the surface for a while. You’re tense with the feeling that THINGS ARE KICKING OFF. Well, this week Belle’s secret affair with Dr Jermaine Bailey that was revealed. Once stalky pervert Lachlan (sans beanie hat) got himself involved, Belle might as well have given up because it wasn’t long before Cain had hold of incriminating photos. And who do you not want to find out about your illicit affair? Scary and overprotective big brother Cain Dingle – that’s who! Cain blowing the affair to Bailey and his wife at the doctor’s surgery was a fun scene, especially the way Cain dropped the revelation so casually and even better was the shocking way Dr Bailey managed to twist it back round on Belle. What a bastard. The scene had fist-clenching, screaming, pitchfork-waving viewers at the ready but what a great moment of telly. Dr Bailey – we want your blood!

Other faves: Arthur and April’s terror about the ‘ghost’ ship and Sandy making things so much worse, the dishy DS Wise being a sweetheart on his date with Chas, Robert scaring the wits out of Noah to punish him, April snubbing Chrissie, Leyla, Jacob and David’s selfie moment.


Blackmail and Exploitation
em8_0005Even though the reveal of Belle’s affair was an interesting twist that was hard to see coming, what happened next is pretty grim viewing. If being blackmailed by creep Lachlan all week (who by the way has learnt nothing about how to treat women) wasn’t bad enough for Belle, she’s now being thrown under a bus by Dr Bailey. The whole affair was a seriously wrong move on Jermaine’s part and he knew that – professionally and morally – but exploiting her vulnerability and mental health to save his own skin was a new low, even for him. It was horrible to see Belle’s family doubt her, to see Dr B’s wife blindly defend her scummy husband, but worse was watching Belle admit to the lie and be persuaded to agree that she was stalking Jermaine just because she didn’t want to lose him. Praying to the soap gods that when the truth comes out Belle isn’t isolated and gets the support she needs and Dr Bailey seriously, seriously suffers.


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