Scene of the Week (30 May-3 June 2016)



I don’t know what it is about Emmerdale scenes on park benches because – just like last week – one of my favourite scenes took place on a bench, this time between Liv and Robert. There were many stand out scenes in a good week on Emmerdale but this one was particularly memorable due to its heartfelt performances from Isobel Steele and Ryan Hawley. Troubled Liv has had a really hard time of it lately and when things got too much for her at Gordon’s funeral, she ran out. Her brother’s antagonistic boyfriend might not have been her first choice of a friendly ear, but Robert ran after her and managed to persuade her that mixed feelings were understandable. This scene felt particularly wrought with emotion when Liv revealed she was crying over the dream dad she had hoped for growing up and not the monster who had abused her brother. Once again Isobel proved what a superb actress she is and Ryan continued to show the softer, vulnerable side to Robert as he opened up about his father’s funeral (more of these nods to the past please, Emmerdale!) and attempted to forge a relationship with Liv.


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