Fave or Fail? (6-10 June 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! A fantastic week on Emmerdale – I loved pretty much everything! The ladies especially were outstanding.


Queen of the Dales

vlcsnap-2016-06-12-13h55m07s360She’s my GIF of the week, my Scene of the Week choice – she was even almost my Quote of the Week choice. This week (and maybe every week, let’s be honest) Bernice was queen of the Dales. I’m pretty sure everyone’s heart broke for her as she collapsed in tears in Friday’s episode when the impact of Ronnie’s revelations, gin + wine all became too much. Plus, she had to hear Chrissie and Andy going at it next door (bleurgh guys, get a room) when she was at her loneliest. She’s a wonderful woman and she deserves better. She deserves love. Samantha Giles makes Bernice funny and heartbreaking all in the space of one episode (loved drunk Bernice on a digger) and if she wasn’t my favourite already she would be now.

Emma’s Edge

em9_0004Emmerdale is finally giving Gillian Kearney the chance to show viewers what she’s really capable of and maybe, just maybe we’re getting to scratch the surface of Emma Barton. AT LAST! Emma might be a divisive character but now that we’re seeing more to her than some lowkey meddling and playing second fiddle to her sons, she’s really exciting and fascinating. There’s so much more to her than the unhinged and volatile woman we’ve seen and while you might not want to trust her, maybe you can’t commit to liking her – Gillian gives Emma such a vulnerable edge that you do feel sorry for her at times! While many of us could have guessed she was behind the trashing of the pub, it made the revelation no less shocking, particularly when her support of Chas led to James and the boys welcoming her back home. Emma has a lot of issues, but her unpredictability and extreme emotions have definitely cemented her as a winning character in my eyes!

Tragic Romance

em9_0005I’ve already praised the Ronnie/Lawrence/Bernice plot but it deserves its own place on my Faves list as it’s a captivating story. We learnt more about Ronnie and Lawrence’s romantic history this week and it’s not often that a story told mostly through exposition and backstory could be so touching and tragic but it is. The love letters! The cufflinks! The watch! The house renovation romantic beginnings! It’s because there’s so much left unsaid and we’re seeing it through Lawrence’s clammed up denial that it makes it ever more intriguing. All three key players are left feeling unsatisfied and pining and confused by the whole situation, but me – I’m just excited to watch the whole story play out and get some answers.

Chas’s Ongoing Trauma

vlcsnap-2016-06-12-13h51m41s295In troubling times for the ladies of Emmerdale, Chas had a hellish week as the last few months of trauma caught up with her. Having decided she wasn’t ready for a new relationship, she sadly turned down dishy DS Jason Wise. Before I go any further let me say this: DS Wise was a complete SWEETHEART and gentleman and if Emmerdale don’t bring him back to help Chas “keep smiling” then I’ll just have to start a petition. He is lovely. #BringBackDSWise. Anyway, after that disappointment, Chas took to the bottle and privately worried she could be pregnant with Gordon’s baby. Thankfully she wasn’t but Lucy Pargeter again proved what a strong actress she is as Chas struggled with her PTSD. While the pub trashing wasn’t down to another sleep-walking session like she feared, getting some therapy is a good move and here’s hoping for a happier Chas when she returns!

Other faves this week: Finn’s reaction to drunk Chas, Tracy supporting Jacob, Lisa befriending Ronnie, Dr Bailey’s comedic unprofessional-ism


Martial Strife

vlcsnap-2016-06-12-13h54m44s213Cain and Moira are one of Emmerdale’s strongest couples and biggest assets. After the drama of Holly they managed to struggle through I had half hoped we might see them pull together a little bit before the cracks showed again. But no. Maybe I’m like a child standing between two warring parents but I hate seeing Coira get terse and argue with each other. But deep down, maybe this martial tension makes my Fail list because I’m worried that these cracks in their marriage might just mean more trouble and I don’t think I’m ready. Let them row and argue and press at each other’s vulnerabilities, Emmerdale. Just please don’t split them up for good.

Flat Character

em9_0003Hmmm James Barton. He’s just sort of there half the time. Uninteresting, irrelevant. If he was, to say, move to another farm – would anyone really notice he was gone? He was heavily involved in two big storylines this week and while Bill Ward is a good actor, (he was great as Charlie Stubbs in Corrie) he rarely gets the chance to show it. This week changed that but was it too little too late? The scenes, while showcasing Emma’s potential, just made James feel pretty flat. I don’t really care about his relationship to Emma, nor a friendship with Chas and most of the time he, like Emma, is in the shadow of his sons. And after the whole Adam and Moira revelation we hardly see them together. Maybe if Emmerdale continue to use Emma to her full, erratic potential she might just spark some life into James!


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