Scene of the Week (6-10 June 2016)



You might be forgiven for thinking this blog is a Bernice Appreciation page rather than The Woolie Weekly but she absolutely stole the show this week and if you don’t love Bernice then I don’t think we could ever be friends, sorry. The penny dropped for Bernice when she realised that the big tension in the room was not that Ronnie Hale is Chrissie’s real father but that he’d had a relationship with Lawrence. In the scene which I’ve chosen as Scene of the Week Bernice calmly and with a level head tried to get to the truth over her husband’s past. It’s not the first time Bern’s been through this of course (a quick visit to Wikipedia tells you that she’s had two lovers leave her for men) but Lawrence’s troubled history is shrouded in guilt, secret and denial. Does Lawrence even know who he is, what he feels? Bernice wasn’t outrageous or angry. She didn’t start tearing into him for his lies – no – she challenged him over his denials and claims that Ronnie’s feelings were one sided. Lawrence, stuttering and unable to deny loving Ronnie, was pitied by Bernice who held her head high above her own pain, feeling sorry for him that even now he couldn’t face up to his sexuality and past. With brilliant performances by Samantha Giles and John Bowe, this is one of Emmerdale’s most interesting and complex stories of the moment.


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