Fave or Fail? (12-17 June 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! The Euros meant only three episodes of Emmerdale this week – boo!


A Shoulder to Cry On

vlcsnap-2016-06-19-18h41m20s813It’s probably no surprise that Bernice’s ongoing life crisis gets my top spot again. With her digger meltdown rolling onto into this week, Rakesh wanted answers. Let’s be honest, it probably didn’t help her case that she was stumbling round the village with mascara down her face! But once the finger had been pointed at Ronnie he had his suspicions elsewhere. Luckily for the heartbroken Bernice, knight-in-shining-armour Andy stepped in and took responsibility for the damage at the flats. Later he comforted Bernice (with everything from a friendly ear, to his muscly arms and – oops-  his smoochy lips) and listened, confused in the way Andy Sugden does best, about the breakdown of her marriage. Of course, unlucky in love Bernice was left lonelier than ever post-snog (more about that down the page) and I’m left begging TPTB at Emmerdale just to give Bernice the love she deserves!

Worth Watching

vlcsnap-2016-06-19-18h41m59s789I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Holly or the drug addiction plot, however there’s a certain “shake your fist at the TV” enjoyment to be had when you can see an escalating situation ready to explode. Naturally having the reluctant trust of Cain and the unconditional support of Moira meant that Holly going off the rails was inevitable. This week saw her score drugs and after a short moment of resistance, be pulled straight back into a dark path of addiction. One big problem – she was babysitting Kyle and then got locked out the house! There’s equal parts frustration and nail biting during this plot, especially with Holly faking her urine test by using Kyle. Desperate times and desperate measures. The worst part is, the cracks in Coira’s marriage are only going to get bigger and Moira’s misplaced trust is going to leave her heartbroken. It’s got tragedy written all over it but it’s a plot worth watching.

Heartbreak Ritual

vlcsnap-2016-06-19-18h41m37s291I enjoyed the fun and friendship scenes this week where Tracy, Lisa and Belle teamed up to burn the belongings of their ex’s in some sort of ritual to rid themselves of any lingering feelings. Sure it was a little sitcom-y but at the same time more of these types of scenes that involve unusual character pairings bonding get a thumbs up from me. I have my doubts that this ceremony will actually work in helping them get over their men but Tracy’s panic that she’d left her scratch cards in the bag she set fire to was pretty amusing!


Playing Hard-Done-By

Emmerdale - Andy And Benice Fall Out After Their Kiss - YouTubeAndy, don’t make me hate you! You were doing so well at the start of the week! You listened to Bernice, you looked out for her, you protected her. I mean, yeah you snogged her too, but it’s hard to resist that chemistry. I get it. But what’s put you on the Fail list? Acting like a jerk. Snubbing and blaming Bernice, acting like you’re the hard-done-by one when you quite clearly were into the mouth-on-mouth action. I’m not even a fan of the Chrissie and Andy slobber fest but what a shitty way to treat her too, all in the name of covering your own back. Sort out what you want Andy and stop being so selfish!


Mutiny on Deck

vlcsnap-2016-06-19-18h41m46s443I love the kids of Emmerdale and I’m all in favour of a slightly comedic men’s club but this haunted pirate ship plot just isn’t doing it for me. If anything, the plot stands out even more as pure filler because we’ve some really strong weeks of character-led storylines in Emmerdale lately. Yeah it’s a bit of silly summer fun but it’s just not all that exciting, despite the odd moment that raises a smile. Arthur’s lone paranoid and under-cover iPad searches about ghost busting was sweet but a war between the slacking blokes and the kids just fell flat. Dare I say it? The men in Emmerdale just aren’t as funny without the women!


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