Scene of the Week (12-17 June 2016)



Bernice’s grief turned into an almighty snog this week as her loneliness and her repressed passion for Andy took hold. Ever since Bernice got hitched to Lawrence and she and Andy got close and pined for each other, I’ve been a fan of the pairing. They’re one of the most unlikely couples of the Dales but Samantha Giles and Kelvin Fletcher possess a pretty electric chemistry every time Bernice and Andy’s feelings get out of control. Andy, when he’s being a big hearted softie towards Bernice, is at his most likeable and genuine and it’s times like this when you could really see them as a plausible couple. His fond way of making Bernice feel loved and special gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. When he told her she was “amazing”? HEART MELTING stuff. If Andy’s the good guy Bern wants then I damn well thinks she deserves him. I mean, awkward for Chrissie to be cheated on yet again but the tension in Home Farm was delicious as she walked in post-kiss – it has to be Scene of the Week!


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