Scene of the Week (19-24 June 2016)



Dr Bailey’s house of cards came tumbling this week as his wife Angie realised the truth. Everyone underestimated smart and strong Angie Bailey so when she saw Belle’s anguish for herself, alongside her husband’s sweaty-palmed babbling, she knew what the real story was. Things hadn’t added up for a while and when she questioned what was it about Jermaine that made Belle delude herself, there was no straight answer. Angie remained silent through most of the scene as Dr Bailey stuttered. The tension! Belle floundered, spinning the lies they’d planned but Angie had figured it out and stated it, unquestionably, that Jermaine was sleeping with Belle. Nina Toussaint-White (familiar to both Doctor Who and EastEnders viewers) delivers great performances in all of her few scenes, making Angie a sympathetic and interesting character even though we haven’t seen a huge amount of her. I loved her outburst at Belle’s naivety during this scene, when she realised she’d wasted her life on Jermaine and didn’t want an impressionable Belle to do the same. I hope we see more of Angie, especially as this story looks like it’s far from over.


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