Scene of the Week (26 June-1 July 2016)



My scene of the week choice does not have the pyrotechnics or stunts that the Mill cottage explosion had, but it’s impressive in its own way. Nicola and Jimmy King’s relationship has always been one of my favourites in Emmerdale and while it often leans heavily on comedy and all the tropes associated with a high maintenance wife and buffoon husband, both actors sell their adoration of each other. This week saw Nicola face an uncertain future as she found her limbs paralysed on the right side after suffering a head injury during the Mill cottage explosion. Although Nicola’s characteristic bravery and determination took only a little wobble, it was the presence of the kids that really made her choke up (and me, gotta be honest). My heart was completely crushed as she realised she couldn’t put both arms around the kids and they hugged her instead. Jimmy’s reassurance that they were going to get through it was the ultimate display of their strength as a couple.


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