Six of the most bonkers Thursday plots

Emmerdale on a Thursday is sometimes like watching your best friend when they’re drunk. You love them, but at times their behaviour is something you’d rather forget. In Emmerdale, there’s something strange in the water on a Thursday. Those beloved villagers do crazy, outrageous and outlandish things when there’s a double episode brewing. Sometimes the Thursday episodes feature some stand-out, award winning episodes (and you can read my top picks of those next week) but other Thursday episodes can be a little OTT. Good cliffhangers are great, but when it’s all brushed under the carpet by Friday’s episode you wonder if it ever actually happened, so I thought it was about time to look at Emmerdale’s most bonkers Thursday moments in recent years.

Acts of revenge, wild chases, accidents and injuries, phonecalls you shouldn’t make – go home, Emmerdale – you’re drunk!


Sam gets shot in the arse by Joanie

Visits to Hotten General are a common feature to Thursday plots and when Sam got shot in the arse by Joanie (as you do) Megan was also rushed into hospital as she gave birth. Gun accidents aren’t unusual in Emmerdale especially when characters seem to take a fancy to shotguns when the story requires it, just like Joanie who took a sudden interest in clay pigeon shooting. Zak was on hand to teach her but having aimed at a tree she ended up shooting Sam! After spending a few episodes wincing about his arse Sam was all healed and Joanie never seemed to mention her shooting hobby again. Probably for the best.


Emma flattens James with a pallet

When Emma Barton tried to make a go of it with her sons in early 2015 she felt as if everyone was against her. Back then she took bigger extremes than lies about her health and after a row with James at the farm, she kicked a mechanism, leaving James crushed and unconscious under the weight of a pallet. After briefly considering calling an ambulance, Emma walked away, bitterly blaming James for her problems as she did. But with Pete arriving moments later she was forced to cover and cry for help and it was a lucky save. After a brief visit to hospital (are you sensing a pattern yet?) James was all fine and dandy and Emma was proclaimed a hero for saving James’s life. It’s a good thing Emma’s extreme behaviour has been made slightly more human as she’s an interesting character now.


Robert calls a hitman

You’ll have realised by now that rash decisions are always made on Thursdays and when it comes to Robert Sugden, he’s full of impulsive behaviour and last minute regret (see: Paddy and the grain pit, Aaron at the lodge). Nothing was more impulsive and dangerous than calling up a hitman to off Chas. Nothing was more Thursday. No sooner had Robert rung his shady contact (which Rob got hold of with no explanation) like a nervy schoolboy, he tried to back out of the deal when he realised a) Chas wasn’t going to out him afterall b) it’d pretty much destroy Aaron. Smart move, Robert. Thankfully for Robert, Chas and us all, he called off the hit before the end of the 8:30pm episode and we could all put it down to a moment of madness.


Chrissie “sets fire” to Robert

Before Chrissie was blowing up the scrapyard and triggering the death of three people (oops) with her can of petrol and a revenge plot, she practised on the Home Farm estate. Having discovered one of Robert’s big lies (a minor one in the grand scheme of things) namely that he’d staged the raid on her home which had terrified her and caused Lawrence to have a heart attack, Chrissie decided to teach him a lesson. Leading him to one of the out-houses she locked him in, showing him how her father must have felt, but then – aha – with a cackle she locked him in and pretended to douse the place in petrol. As Robert feared for his life and she wished him goodbye, lighter in hand, she revealed the liquid was just water. Phew! As revenge plans went it seemed pretty tame and lacklustre, especially considering her resolve lasted just a few episodes and she took Robert back. Considering what she later discovered, I bet she wished she’d used petrol after all!


Debbie and Ross on the run from gangsters

Are soap gangster plots and heists ever enjoyable or believable? On the whole – no. Ross and Debbie found themselves embroiled in one of these heists back in April 2015 and while it might seem very Hollywood to run around a hotel with a bag of cash to avoid “big time” gangsters called Charlie, it just wasn’t very Emmerdale. The plot involved two characters we barely knew (gangster Charlie and Donny – Chrissie’s ex and Lachlan’s father) and only lead to the tiresome Ross and Debbie affair plot and Ross’s involvement in a weird boxing story with Charlie the gangster – so nothing worthwhile. High drama and on-location thrills can be great in Emmerdale but not when it’s scamming low-budget crims!


Sam keeps Jai overnight in a container!

Oh sweet natured, loveable Sam Dingle. He wouldn’t – couldn’t – do anything reckless and crazy like kidnap and keep someone captive, could he? Course not! Except in December 2015 he decided to do just that and kept Jai prisoner in the lock-up to prevent him stopping Megan leaving. Sure he was doing it to protect Megan, but are we really meant to believe Sam would be able to kidnap and endanger someone, even if that someone is Jai? It just didn’t ring true. And besides, it wasn’t very successful – Jai broke out and ended up knocking Megan down with his car. Oops. What is it with Emmerdale and everyone’s penchant for kidnap and lockup containers?

Thursday plots that almost made the cut

Jai and Leyla caught kissing on Teddy Cam, the random motor biking crash with Andy eventually rescuing Pete, the fake raid on Home Farm, David’s desperate kidnapping of Lachlan, the confrontation between Cain and Holly’s cartoonish dealer boyfriend.

Plots so bonkers they should’ve been aired on a Thursday

Ross hangs Pete from a viaduct, Ross stages Pete’s suicide, Ross robs a jewellery store disguised in only glasses and grey hair spray (and gets away with it).


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