Fave or Fail? (4-8 July 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! It was a week of very questionable behaviour and some hard-hitting viewing as Laurel and Holly battled addiction.



Emmerdale - Laurel Tries To Seduce Marlon Out Of Desperation - YouTubeLaurel was a walking car crash at the start of the week as she suffered not only with a hangover but the reality of having relapsed with her drinking when she needed to be a caregiver to her ill husband. Marlon saw the warning signs and after confronting her, Laurel showed the nastiest flashes of life taking its toll. It was ugly and raw and painful to watch. Laurel laughed bitterly and tried it on with Marlon in complete self-destruct mode, desperate for another drink, and once again Charlotte Bellamy showed the cruellest, heart breaking sides to Laurel. While I was never a fan of the Marlon and Laurel relationship, their scenes were excellently played as he tried coping with her breakdown. But as Laurel battled with her need for booze and decided she couldn’t stay sober and care for Ashley, it was Doug who brought them back together again in touching scenes where they spoke new vows. It’s still unclear whether Laurel will be strong enough to cope with Ashley’s dementia in the long term, but they’re both making efforts to survive and the sad truth is – that’s all they can do.

Laughter in the Back

Emmerdale 5th July 2016 Part 2 - Video DailymotionSometimes it’s all about the background, light relief characters stealing the show and this week it was Pearl and Rishi’s turn. Rishi usually has the ability to win me over in his diva hangover shades or with a cheeky widening of the eyes – although the less said about his interest in exercise videos the better – but this week he went one step better. Donning a wig, an 80s power suit and sunglasses, Rishi had all the George Michael dance moves at Priya’s birthday party and I’ll go as far to say he was the only thing keeping that party alive! But blessing us with countless gigglesome moments was the wonderful Pearl as she got the wrong end of the stick about Rhona’s love life. In between moaning about the lack of cream buns at the vets since Paddy left, Pearl had her suspicions that Vanessa and Rhona were, in her words, ‘canoodling’ again. After a bit of digging she discovered Rhona’s mystery lover was Pierce and gave her seal of approval, telling them she thought he was hot and just wanted Rhona to be happy. Aww. And good on ya Pearl for trying to get a snog out of him and getting a little flustered at their very public PDA.

Unlikely Friendships

Emmerdale 7th July 2016 Part 2 - Video DailymotionIt’s often the unlikely partnerships and friendly conversations that offer an interesting dynamic in Emmerdale and provide good scenes. This week it was Holly and Jai meeting at their narcotics anonymous meeting (not so anonymous) and David and Diane discussing cancer treatment. Jai and Holly’s scenes were surprisingly enjoyable (and these two are way down my list of loved Emmerdale characters) especially as we got to see a new and slightly more human side to Jai. He’s surprised me lately being genuine and kind-hearted in wanting to be a father to Eliza, and don’t judge me too much – but he’s actually growing on me! David and Diane is another pairing we don’t see often but tying up these story connections in a way that makes links to the past and shared experiences adds to the reality and makes these characters’ challenges far more believable. It would be great to see more of this!


From Bad to Worse

Emmerdale - Holly Tells Moira She's Still Using Heroin - YouTube (1)Poor Tracy – what a week! She might not be the most beloved character in Emmerdale but I’ve long been a fan of her sensitive side and her appetite for fun. With her heart slightly crushed from a rather cruel rejection from David, Tracy took to the sofa and a box of chocolates to ease her pain. Her flatmates tried their best to cheer her up but Vanessa didn’t seem in a particularly forgiving mood when Tracy slobbed out feeling sorry for herself. Things got worse after a one night stand when Tracy woke to find the house robbed. Oops. If she wasn’t feeling low enough, everyone else kept making her feel even worse – not only a judgemental David but even Carly ganged up with Ness and told Tracy to move out of the girls’ pad. Sure you’d be pissed off and betrayed but can’t they see the poor girl is well meaning and was suffering? Here’s hoping things get better for Tracy!

Desperate Decisions

Emmerdale - Rakesh Tries To Bribe Neville The Insurance Inspector - YouTubeNever has the phrase “You idiot!!!” been shouted at the screen more than this week! With Belle clinging onto Bailey like she’s dangling over a fifty foot drop and Rakesh struggling to keep his cool and cover up his insurance fraud, it was the week of desperate behaviour and dodgy decisions. Belle hasn’t heard of the phrase “He’s just not that into you” so when Bailey tried to leg it to Romania to escape his stupidity, she tried every tactic in the book to hold onto him including the soap classic – a fake pregnancy. Of course the Dingles rallied round, but Charity’s smelled a rat already and it won’t be long before Bailey realises there is no bun. Brace for the fall out! And then there’s Mr Desperate himself, Rakesh. Priya is being taken for an absolute fool as Rakesh sweats through his every lie and with the insurance company on his back the lies are only going to have to get bigger. How long will Belle and Rakesh be able to keep up their poker face?



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