Scene of the Week (4-8 July 2016)



Was there anyone watching Friday’s Emmerdale that didn’t stare at the screen in a stunned silence as the episode ended? I’m not Holly’s biggest fan but you’d be forgiven for forgetting you were watching a teatime soap as my scene of the week choice played out. This kind of harsh reality among characters we know and love is exactly the reason soaps can be such compelling viewing. Like Laurel’s journey this week, the scenes between Moira and Holly were powerful, raw and downright nasty to watch. As Holly admitted she was still using heroin, Moira snapped and viciously lashed out, saying she wished Holly had never come back. While Moira’s actions and fury was a shock, there are no villains in this – you can feel the weight of both women’s pain and the tragedy that drugs have played in fracturing their relationship. The scene was brutal and difficult to watch, exploring the devastating effect addiction has on families and the material was delivered with all the guts needed by Sophie Powles and Natalie J Robb. Watch it again here!


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