Scene of the Week (11-15 July 2016)



I know what you’re thinking – I’m obsessed with scenes of two people sitting down for a chat. I’m not – honest! – it’s just Emmerdale has a knack for these beautifully written, heart shattering scenes paired with performances that just get to you. This time it was the turn of Lawrence and Ronnie’s whose tragic love story took centre stage in a series of powerful and deeply effecting scenes. In my pick for this week, the stand out was the moment in which Lawrence described the torture he endured in prison and his love for Harold (Edna Birch’s husband). He spoke about his past, his mother, his lack of shame growing up and knowing he was different and how beautiful Harold was. John Bowe was tremendous in the scene and gave such gutting emotion to agonising dialogue. “They said his name as they injected me. As I was being sick, they said his name. They made him disgusting. They made everything I ever was disgusting.” Ouch ouch ouch. Heart-breaking.


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