Six Shocks that Rocked the Whites at Home Farm

As we all know, life’s never dull at the big house on the hill. Over the years we’ve seen murder, mayhem and a whole long history of deep, dark secrets. Anyone would think the place was cursed. Current owners of Home Farm, the Whites, have seen their fair share of drama in the time they’ve lived there. I mean, what do you expect when you’re surrounded by money and shotguns? Here are a look at six memorable Home Farm moments that have shaken the White family since their arrival in October 2014.

Lawrence Faces Abuse from Robert


When The Whites moved into Home Farm back in October 2014 there was one thing very clear – the last person Lawrence wanted to marry his precious daughter Chrissie, was Robert Sugden. Back then we knew Lawrence was imprisoned for being gay, but it wasn’t exactly common knowledge. Robert decided to change all that. Having felt undermined and belittled by Lawrence, he outed him to friends and family. After that he really decided to continue his power games and cornered Lawrence in his office when he should have been apologising. Lawrence was shaken as Robert taunted him about his past and verbally abused him with homophobic slurs. These charged and tense scenes were only the beginning of Robert’s one-upmanship with Lawrence but they were probably the best to watch!

Chrissie Shops Lachlan to the Police


We knew from the moment we met Lachlan White that he’d left a troublesome path in his wake. It soon emerged he had a very warped and disturbing view on women and relationships which lead to the traumatic scenes of him sexually assaulting Alicia Metcalfe. First, mum Chrissie was in full support of her son and believed his stories about Alicia, but as she uncovered more and more of his lies, she decided to go to the police and reveal everything. Despite Lachlan being horrified that his mother could turn against him, he got away lightly with his crimes and since then his family have done very little but enable his dangerous behaviour…

Chrissie Discovers the Truth about the Home Farm Raid


Last year there were all manner of of ticking-time bombs waiting to explode in Home Farm but one major one was the truth behind the raid. In another bid to secure his place in Home Farm, Robert orchestrated a fake raid, hoping to swoop in and rescue Lawrence and play the hero son-in-law. Unfortunately for Robert, Chrissie arrived home early and he was forced into doing a little play acting among his hired thugs, Ross and Aaron. Of course, six months later when Chrissie learnt the real story from Ross she was furious with Robert and threw him out, leading to a cracking showdown between husband and wife. Crafty Rob managed to manipulate his way back into her good books but it was only a matter of time before she found out the even bigger secret…

Aaron Reveals his Affair with Robert to Chrissie


As truth bombs go, this one was almighty. After a tumultuous seven month affair Aaron dropped by Home Farm’s kitchen and devastated Chrissie by revealing he’d been sleeping with her husband since before they’d even been married. Kaboom! Chrissie shook as she realised the warning signs had been there all along and Robert was silent in the face of the unravelling truth. His luxury lifestyle might have been over but her world had ended and she screamed for him to get out. Of course, we all know what came next…and it really did get explosive!

Lawrence Marries Bernice After Offering her an Open Relationship


Lawrence’s mysterious private life has been a long running storyline that’s been nothing short of compelling but it was his surprising wedding to Bernice that changed things at Home Farm. Having begun a chaste relationship in the summer, in the lead up to their wedding, Bernice realised she couldn’t cope with the lack of intimacy with Lawrence. Cue: Andy Sugden in the buff. Once Lawrence discovered Bernice’s pre-wedding dalliance he shocked her by suggesting she could have sex with other men, because he was unable to offer her that kind of closeness. Deciding she loved Lawrence and didn’t want to be alone, Bernice went through with the wedding but those issues just never really went away. This was only the beginning and the Lawrence, Bernice, Andy and Chrissie saga saw a new and even more shocking era at Home Farm that we’ve seen in recent months…

Lachlan Shoots Lawrence


Everything is crumbling into ruins at Home Farm and this week has seen things get a whole lot worse. Lawrence’s world has changed beyond recognition now that his former lover, Ronnie, is back on the scene. He’s kicked out Chrissie, Andy and Lachlan and has spent the past fortnight with a gun, drunk and tormented by the demons of his past. Having revealed Chrissie can’t be his biological daughter and belittling unhinged Lachlan, Lawrence was faced with his hysterical adoptive-grandson and a shot-gun showdown.

Could it get worse than this for the Whites? Probably! With Lawrence shot and bleeding, and Chrissie determined to protect her son whatever the cost, she’s already begun planning the perfect cover-up. One things for sure, you wouldn’t want to be a member of the White family! What’s been your most shocking Home Farm moment for the Whites?


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