Fave or Fail? (25-29 July 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! So many great moments in a thrilling week of Emmerdale.


Badass Revenge

vlcsnap-2016-07-31-17h32m54s836We all knew she had it in her but wow Chrissie White (and hell yes ditch the Sugden name which has caused you such grief, girl!) has turned into one hell of a badass this week and love or loathe her you’ve got to admit it’s already a brilliant watch. For too long we’ve seen Chrissie as the simpering victim or the spoilt snob and none of these have really worked. Her brief spell of vengeance last year had disastrous results (RIP Ruby, Val and unnamed helicopter pilot) but there’s always been that winning potential there for her to be officially crowned as a classic soap bitch. Chrissie has always worked best with an eye on payback and darkness and she fully, fantastically embraced that this week in her attempts to protect Lachlan and screw over Andy. This feels like the scorned woman we should have seen last year and while it’s possible to argue that this revenge seems a little extreme compared to her muted reaction to Robert’s betrayal last year, this Machiavellian plot is compelling enough to overlook the leap. Chrissie masterfully went into protection mode but on discovering Andy’s dalliance and his further lies, something inside her snapped and her plan came into action. One moment she’s scheming with that classic evil smile and the next she’s playing the perfect girlfriend. It’s genius and I love it.

Carlon Cuteness

vlcsnap-2016-07-31-17h28m48s273As David and Tracy’s relationship has soured a little (with his ridiculous insistence they marry) it was lovely to see a similarly cute and funny relationship in Carly and Marlon this week. They’ve been close and good friends for a while so as she suffered with grief over what would have been her son’s birthday, Carly turned to her confidant Marlon for comfort. They’d already been flirting around the issue for a while so even though you wouldn’t necessarily put them together they just seem to work. With mix-messages and advice given to both parties, Carly and Marlon both came to the unsatisfactory and unwelcome conclusion that their hook-up was a one-time thing and they’re better as friends. But with everyone knowing there’s more to it, and their natural chemistry, they’re bound to realise they’re meant to be. With their warmth and affection, and the will-they-won’t-they, they’ve got all the makings of a good couple. Who isn’t rooting for Carlon?!

Lovable Character

vlcsnap-2016-07-31-17h33m18s807I think I need an intervention because I’ve fallen even more hopelessly in love with Ronnie Hale. What a lovable, well-rounded character he’s become in such a short space of time. If it hasn’t been obvious already, his tragic love story with Lawrence has been one of my favourite plots of 2016 and he continues to be an empathetic and charismatic addition to Emmerdale. His friendship with Lisa is a real highlight of the show and I loved their frank and honest conversation when she invited him for dinner as he confessed to loving Lawrence. Besotted Ronnie wasn’t even put off by Lawrence trying to shoot him the other week and still kept a vigil by his bedside, but now that he’s tried telling Lawrence how he feels and faced more rejection – what’s next? Although he doesn’t seem to have many ties to the village, I’d hate to see him leave already. Maybe one day Lawrence might be able to love him back but if not, can he not just stay and be BFFs with Lisa forever?

Interwoven Plots

vlcsnap-2016-07-31-17h36m49s734The other week I praised the community feel of episodes as one set of characters walked past another set in the middle of the scene but this week the sense of community worked even better with plots gelling in clever interwoven ways. Having discovered Andy plotted to have Robert shot, Chrissie confronted Ross and her anger at the betrayal caused the temporary split, leading Andy to sleep with Bernice. Bernice leaving the village triggered more of Gabby’s bad behaviour (which had knock on effects with Lachlan, her dad Ashley and later Victoria – which in itself had ties to the Holly and Moira story). Lachlan, feeling humiliated by Gabby and Lawrence, shot his grandad, kicking off Chrissie’s revenge plot and Rakesh – with his money woes – was hired by Chrissie. What with the Sugdens, the Whites and other connected characters involved it really played to all the strengths of a soap and domino effects. The more stories are interconnected, the better!


Plot Convenience

vlcsnap-2016-07-31-17h27m18s362There’s only one Fail this week (two if you count the silly and OTT moment Lawrence walked in on Lachlan with the gun, with classical music soaring) and it’s so minor in a week so strong but it’s a bug bear that needs to be mentioned. About a fortnight ago Holly and the Bartons started discussing her photography hobby. It was so shoe-horned you just knew there was a looming plot purpose. Low and behold this week, after standing around with a camera all week (why?!) the photography had its plot purpose – a convenient way to expose Andy’s infidelity. But with Andy and Bernice a blur in the photo it’s a miracle Rodney spotted it and just way too convenient. Sometimes stories need a little bit of force to make them work but this was very clunky and was a bit of a blip in an intense and dramatic week.


2 thoughts on “Fave or Fail? (25-29 July 2016)

  1. I like your analysis of the interlinking of stories and characters. And I share your love of Ronnie. I hope he stays longer than the six months we’ve read about.


    • Thank you!

      I worry with Ronnie that he lacks real connections and last week sort of seemed like closure, but he’s quickly become a favourite of mine so I’m really hoping he’ll stay!


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