Scene of the Week (25-29 July 2016)



This is not the face of a happy man. This is not the face of a very smart man either (oh, Andy…) as he has absolutely no idea what his questionable decisions might have cost him. In what was a week where I’ve been spoilt for choice for stand-out scenes, this one gave me that “Ooooh!” moment. Having been questioned by police over Lawrence’s shooting, Andy was pretty smug as he was let out of his cell. I mean, what was there to worry about? Lawrence was awake and would clear his name, right? It’s not like Andy was involved in the shooting or had betrayed the Whites – once by letting Lawrence reside in prison for a spell last year and then by a spot of afternoon delight with Bernice. It’s not like Chrissie found this out and wanted to protect her gun-toting son whilst exacting revenge on her good-for-nothing boyfriend, was it? Well Andy, I’ve got news for you…! All this played out behind clueless Andy’s back so when the charge was made, a disbelieving Andy was dumbfounded (more than usual) and it made for fantastic viewing as his panic and claims of it being a set-up sounded like the ravings of a desperate man. So good! I feel this plot is only going to get better as time goes on!


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