Seven flawless reasons to vote for Emmerdale at the Inside Soap Awards

If you didn’t already know, voting is underway for the Inside Soap Awards and closes in under two weeks’ time. Think of it as the Autumnal baby cousin of the British Soap Awards. Last year Emmerdale almost swept the board and here are just seven reasons why you should vote for Emmerdale again this year.

The Acting Chops


If you need a reason to vote for Emmerdale at the Inside Soap Awards then look no further than the acting talents of the cast. Throughout the past year, through harrowing drama and gut-wrenching emotions, the cast of Emmerdale have been consistently outstanding. As Aaron’s abuse revelations came to light, both Danny Miller (Aaron) and Lucy Pargeter (Chas) made every moment heart-breaking. Ashley and Laurel battled his Alheizmer’s disease and her alcoholism giving John Middleton and Charlotte Bellamy episodes of really raw emotion. Zoe Henry stole the show in the aftermath of Paddy cheating on Rhona and Matthew Wolfenden has committed to David’s cancer storyline right down to the removal of his eyebrows! All together these are a stellar group of actors delivering vote worthy performances time and time again so pick two and get voting!

The Fitties and the Funnies


Let’s be honest, between the teatime drama and emotions, we could all do with a laugh and some eye candy. Emmerdale isn’t short on either. Whether you’re partial to a giggle at David or Marlon, or a snort at the antics of Kerry or Bernice – Emmerdale has the feel good and the silly covered. From the physical comedy – the ball gags and the bicycle stunts – to the one liners that only they could get away with, Emmerdale is easily one of the funniest soaps. And if you’re as shallow as me then you can’t go wrong with any of the Sexiest noms either – Ross, Cain, Tracy and Carly, in fact you might as well make it the whole lot. Hottest soap cast? I think so.

The Wrong ‘Uns


Where would we be without the baddies?  Whether it’s meddling and scheming like Charity and Emma excel at, or getting handsy with their fists like Ross and Cain, Emmerdale know how to do villainy! The Dales are never short of a bad deed or a kidnap but their baddies have personality and a soft side, meaning there’s not a panto cackle in sight. Luckily for these guys, the local police force aren’t up to much and it’s usually the innocent that end up getting nicked. Ain’t that right, Andy?

The Bright Young Things


The most talented young actors are in Emmerdale. Fact. Just is. Even baby Moses can woo the audience and he can’t even talk. But two of Emmerdale’s best young actors are easily Amelia Flanagan (April) and newcomer Isobel Steele (Liv). April brings the cute and the sass with her quips and big doe eyes. She’s a pro. Liv has the fire and the snark just like her big brother, but is a definite softie underneath it all and having been given some really tough material, she’s made a real impression in just a few short months. These two are without question the future stars of the show.

The Lovers and the Fighters


With Emmerdale splitting couples left right and centre it’s really time to celebrate the show’s winning combinations of on-screen chemistry. You probably can’t get two pairings that are more different than Emmerdale’s nominations for Best Onscreen Partnership. On the one hand you have Emmerdale stalwarts Jimmy and Nicola King. They’re going through a tough time on screen right now but their funny spats and very active sex life means they’re a match made in heaven. I couldn’t imagine Emmerdale without them and I could watch them re-enact famous rom-com scenes all day. And in the other corner you have Robert and Aaron who after almost two years of the biggest love rollercoaster in recent years have finally committed to each other after many months of emotional turmoil. With Robert supporting Aaron through his childhood abuse trial they have now have an unbreakable connection to add to their irresistible chemistry. If these couples aren’t ready-made award winners then who is?

The Gasps


Who shot Robert? Who came back from the dead (and a twig burial)?! The answer to both is Ross Barton, of course! Ross couldn’t get enough of the shock twists and show stoppers in 2015, in fact he was pretty much involved in all of them. If Val had needed someone to light her final cigarette, I’m sure he would have offered. If a resurrection, following a helicopter crash, wasn’t enough drama, then how about a death pact with Andy Sugden? Emmerdale tried their hardest to prove that Ross Barton really was Resting In Peace – even if it didn’t fool everyone – but his dramatic return to scare the bejesus out of Pete was quite fun. Then Emmerdale did something different again in the Autumn to celebrate another birthday as they rewound the clock to the night Robert was shot and revealed two secret plots in the meantime. It was an interesting twist on the whodunit and explained why there had been some odd behaviour after the shooting. Ross was also involved in the big summer stunt – the helicopter crash which lead to Val’s unusual demise in a hall of mirrors. All big memorable moments for Emmerdale worthy of a vote or two.

The Hellos and Goodbyes


Like every year Emmerdale welcomed new faces and said goodbye to a few too. After the sad death of actress Shirley Stelfox, Emmerdale paid a moving and fitting tribute to legend Edna Birch this year and it’s certain she’ll never be forgotten. Unforgettable in a very different way is Val Pollard, who – being no stranger to theatrics – suffered an untimely death and ironically in a hall of mirrors. You could say, her exit was cracking. (I’ll get my coat…). As for newbies, deserving of your vote is the dashing and mysterious Pierce (is he dodgy or just brooding?) and the fearless and forthright Liv. So whether you’re remembering the dearly departed or welcoming a new face – get clicking!

Convinced? Get voting for the Inside Soap Awards. Voting closes 15 Aug 2016.


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