Fave or Fail? (1-5 August 2016)

Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! Emotions ran high and families broke down in this week’s episodes and Coira’s marriage didn’t make it out alive.



Shifting Sympathies

-106  Adam  amp; Victoria 2nd August 2016 Part 3 of 3 - YouTubeThis week has been all about messy relationships and high emotions. I can’t say I enjoyed watching Gabby’s cruel behaviour, Coira’s marriage breakdown (including a rather smug and devious Charity) or Nicola’s confusing emotions which led her to kissing Dan, but good drama doesn’t necessarily mean likable actions. Feelings and relationships are far more complex than good and bad. The truth behind Holly’s addiction and Moira’s HIV lead to some intense scenes at Butlers as Moira’s loyalties were split between her loved ones. Ashley too had to make tough decisions when it came to Gabby’s behaviour and Nicola struggled with losing her identity as an independent and headstrong woman. What I like about these stories is not just the solid performances but the shifting sympathies. These are not stories of cartoon villains or motiveless behaviour done just to stir up trouble, these are stories simmering with underlying tensions and deep emotional consequences.

Pure of Heart

-106  Adam  amp; Victoria 2nd August 2016 Part 3 of 3 - YouTube (1)As Emmerdale marriages implode around us, thank god for Adam and Victoria Barton whose marriage is full of honesty, trust and respect. Having come through her ordeal last week, Vic was confronted with the realisation that losing her business and confidence was a result of Holly’s addiction. Not wanting to tear apart his family, Victoria kept the secret from her husband and then later decided she was going to get her life back on track. She wasn’t always this good natured and we were reminded of the parallels between her and Gabby’s behaviour when Victoria dealt with the police following Gabby’s break-in and she told the teen to stop being a diva, adding that she would have to pay for the damages. Victoria is as kind-hearted and forgiving as you get in Emmerdale and she doesn’t get nearly enough screen time – being nice is underrated!

Changing Opinion?

vlcsnap-2016-08-06-22h22m26s656Is it my imagination or is Jermaine Bailey becoming a much more fun character when he’s away from Belle? He’s been temping in the pub now for a while and it’s surprising how entertaining his and Charity’s interactions have been. He’s not so smart on the uptake of her snark and schemes and his out-of-place awkwardness pulling pints (instead of pulling patients) seems to work quite well. Here’s hoping we see more of him being naïve and clueless behind the bar rather than moping around after his pregnant-but-not girlfriend.


Without Ceremony 

Emmerdale - The First Helicopter Crash Anniversary - YouTubeIt’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since Emmerdale blew their budget on a big helicopter crash right at the centre of the village killing Val, Ruby and a pilot no one seems to give a damn about. I can only presume he was a bit of an arsehole and all who knew him wished he was dead anyway. But this was a huge deal for the people of Emmerdale, they lost The Valerie Pollard and the café girl who made a good latte so you’d think they’d pull out all the stops in commemorating the anniversary of their passing. You’d think Eric would be there with those wanting to remember his wife. You’d think Pete and Ross might find the whole thing a bit awkward because, well it’s the anniversary of the disastrous wedding and it’s also the anniversary of Pete thinking he’d killed Ross and giving him an impromptu burial. But no, what transpired was a half-arsed comical memorial ceremony with Finn giving a very short speech and about five villagers showing up. It didn’t have any sense of importance or rememberance, there wasn’t even the madcap humour that Val’s funeral had, just Ross and Pete dressed as camp sailors and singing. WTF?! I almost wish they hadn’t bothered.

Breaking Point

Emmerdale - Cain And Charity Kiss In The Woolpack! - YouTubeThe destruction of one of Emmerdale’s most popular marriages, Cain and Moira, hasn’t been pleasant viewing especially as so many of Emmerdale’s big couples are in tatters. We’ve all been expecting it and it’s been on the cards ever since Charity confessed she wanted him back last January, but the escalation of events this week has been intense. Keeping secrets and breaking trust is always going to be hard to get past, but Cain was very unlikeable on self-destruct mode, lurching from one bad decision to the next. After the pressure cooker of emotions, he sought a drunken snog from Charity but even if you’re a ‘Chain’ fan, seeing the two of them hook up and use each other at such a low, desperate point was pretty grim. Charity was well aware he didn’t really want her but her low self-esteem meant she didn’t care, but when Cain made up with Moira and confessed about the kiss she struggled to forgive him. Cain’s jealousy of James was more fuel to the fire and Moira called time on their marriage having seen Cain at his worst. Coira have been pushed to their breaking point and what they once loved and found attractive in each other has become things that divide them. Can they get past this? I hope so. Charity has been there done that, got the t-shirt, I think she deserves new things to set her sights on.


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