Scene of the Week (1-5 August 2016)



Throughout this week’s tough viewing in the Thomas household there have been some powerful and emotionally intense scenes, with my Scene of the Week choice being one of them. We all knew Gabby’s acting out wasn’t just about bratty teenage reasons like losing the money and status of Home Farm and not being able to go to pony club, it was far more deep rooted than that, but we spent most of the week watching her be cruel towards her family, particularly Ashley. Resentment came to a head in church as father and daughter took out their anger and wished each other dead, but it was their quieter, heart-breaking reconciliation that makes my Scene of the Week choice. After smashing old photographs Gabby admitted she just wanted her dad and didn’t care about the riches and things money could buy, she just didn’t want him to die too soon. With father and daughter both admitting they were scared of the future this was a tragic scene, with the strong performances showing the devastating impact dementia has on families.



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