Scene of the Week (8-12 August 2016)



There were so many scenes I loved this week – whether it was Lisa’s heartbreaking retreat from the Zoanie wedding (gag) or Andy pleading not guilty or lumbering away from the court like a terrified puppy – but it had to be this moment of sheer soapy campness as Chrissie revealed her evil plan. Glorious. Andy kept us waiting through pretty much the whole episode as he naively believed Chrissie would run away with him (oh Andy you simple child) but I was holding out for that light bulb moment which came right at the end of Friday’s episode. With Chrissie trying to stall for the police, the penny dropped for Andy and he confronted her, not really wanting to think that she, a woman who loved him, could betray him. Oh Andy, how wrong could you be. It was that heart-stopping moment when Chrissie’s act snapped and she delivered the ultimate blow to his ego: “I always knew you were dim, but I can’t believe it’s taken you this long to work it out.” Ooh harsh, Chrissie. Harsh. But she wasn’t finished, after berating stupidity, she revealed why she’d done all this – because he slept with Bernice. We’ve known for ages Chrissie hasn’t been a big fan of her step-mother (remember her reaction at the wedding?) but Chrissie really ripped into poor Bernice in her outburst. I guess now Andy’s under no illusions about what Chrissie is really like (although…this is Andy we’re talking about) but there looks like there are exciting things to come!


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