6 Things Andy Sugden Could Do Next

Yesterday saw the sad departure of Emmerdale legend Andy Sugden and while he might have hung up his overalls for now, the door has been left open for his return. Andy had so many memorable moments in his 20 years on Emmerdale but I thought I’d look at his options for life after Emmerdale. So what could Andy do now that he’s on the run?


Stick to his roots

Andy’s wanted to follow in his father Jack’s footsteps from the very beginning and he’s been a farmer pretty much as soon as he smelt that Emmerdale air, so what better than to carry on that tradition on new soils? Sure he might have to learn a few new techniques if he’s farming in warmer climes but manual work might be the best way to keep a low profile. Besides, what else is he really qualified for?


Open a Daddy Day-care Centre

Andy’s always been a family man at heart and his kids are his second favourite topic of conversation after tractors (according to his brother Robert) so if he can’t see his actual kids (sob) then how about becoming a professional babysitter? He’s got those big arms to carry them in and the perfect IQ to be down on their level. Great career move I think. The criminal record check might be a bit dodgy but I’m sure he could flex his muscles at his employer and hope they overlook it.


Become a stripper-o-gram

Easy money for Andy. He’s been fond of whipping his top off when the moment takes him and I think I’ve seen more of Andy’s naked flesh than the rest of the cast combined, so why not make some cash out of it? We’ve already seen him in leopard print undies, as Geri Halliwell and a butler-in-the-buff costume and he looked hot in them all so it would only take a few more moves and costumes to make the career move. As long as he looks after his bod and gets someone to give him a good spray tan he’ll be grand.


Start a detective agency

Look, we all know Andy isn’t the smartest tool in the shed, but we don’t love him for his brains, do we? But one talent Andy does seem to have is a miraculous skill at solving pretty unsolvable crimes. Want proof? Just look at the way he solved the mystery behind Katie’s death – all it took was discovering Aaron’s phone number on an old bill and BAM! Case solved. Lawrence’s shooting cover-up? A whiff of suspicious behaviour from Chrissie and BAM! Case solved (about a fortnight later and way too late). I’m not saying he’s Sherlock but give him time and someone to work out all the hard stuff and he’d be great. Plus, what better way of covering up his new fake identity?


Run a dating agency

Andy’s never been short on the women front so he must have some sort of magic with the ladies and it’s about time he poured those skills into helping the single and needy. By now you’d think he’d need a rest from all the smooching but he’s bound to have some guaranteed chat-up lines stored away that he could charge for while he’s having a break from shagging. Although come on, let’s be realistic, Andy would probably just end up working his way through all the female clientele.


Come home, back to Emmerdale!

He hasn’t been gone longer than 24 hours yet but I just want him back in the Dales. Emmerdale without Andy just seems wrong. It’d almost be like Emmerdale without The Woolpack. So here’s hoping that one day, in the not too distant future, that Andy can find a way to return and get some justice and his family back. I’m gonna miss him!


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