Scene of the Week (15-19 August 2016)



Did you cry at this scene? I’m not ashamed to say that the goodbye scenes between the Sugden brothers made me have a little Tuesday night blub when the scenes aired, so for this reason alone I’m making it my Scene of the Week. You could tell the emotional gut-punch was coming when the brothers spent most of the episode quipping and sparing in the way brothers do best (bants about d*ck size, prowess in bed – you know the sort) but when the time came to say their last goodbyes they fell silent. Having caused each other endless grief over the years, it’s not surprising that the brothers spoke about their rocky relationship before Robert told Andy he loved him. Lump in the throat right there. In the time they’ve spent playing brothers Kelvin Fletcher and Ryan Hawley built a great rapport so to see their characters say farewell was really touching and I was sorry to see this onscreen relationship end. As they shook hands I think everyone was screaming “JUST HUG EACH OTHER!” until they finally did, both getting teary and the rest of us just saying “F*ck it,” and having a little cry into our tissues. This was a really poignant moment in Andy’s big exit and I’m seriously hoping we get to see the brothers reunite one day.


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