Fave or Fail? (29 Aug – 2 Sep 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! A great week in the village with so much fun and humour! Yay!


The Dream Team

vlcsnap-2016-09-03-10h01m38s120It’s no secret that two of my favourite characters in Emmerdale are Robert and Bernice so I was overjoyed not only to see them team up this week, but that their scenes were funny and so entertaining. The best bit about their unlikely partnership is that they’re so ill-suited to working together. Bernice’s haphazard, drunk approach works fantastically well against Robert’s long-game scheming, leaving him frustrated and exasperated with her. So much eye rolling. And while he might think he’s the brains in the operation, his genius plan to lure Lachlan into confessing the truth via faked emails from absent father Donny didn’t exactly go to plan either. Just as Robert and Aaron were about to celebrate, thinking they’d managed to crack Lachlan, they read on (in an amusing moment) and saw Lachlan wasn’t admitting to shooting Lawrence with a gun, but a camera. Cue Chrissie and Lachlan storming in having caught Robert red handed. Robron and co VS the Whites looks like it’s set to continue and if it gives us moments of humour as well as drama rooted in their colourful history then I’m all for it!

Return of the Paddy

vlcsnap-2016-09-03-10h02m03s848Paddy came back this week and it really feels like he’s been gone ages, the real Paddy that is. If you cast your minds back to April, he didn’t leave on the best of terms and the six months prior to his leaving were awful for the character. Gone was the loveable and caring buffoon instead we suffered through a damaging and unbelievable affair plot (and Emmerdale has done a fair few of those in recent times). But maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder because I was utterly sick of him at the start of the year but I LOVED his scenes this week. What a joy it was to see him back with Marlon (love of his life, come on now) bantering and bumbling like the best of times, and back on good terms with surrogate son Aaron. The humour was pitched exactly right, from 99 Luftballons in the taxi to the village, to the request of a Boombox from Aaron (he’s right, it’s not 1989) and then all the slapstick silliness with Pierce and his and Rhona’s song being played 80s movie style under the window (and it accidentally skipping to The Weather Girls). All brilliant stuff. The only slight reservation to his return is that his quest to win Rhona back treads on very similar ground to the David/Tracy plot, in that all a woman requires is wearing down. It’s not on and hopefully Paddy will take a step back and prove himself to be a decent man again independent of reuniting with Rhona.

Rishi Love

vlcsnap-2016-09-03-10h04m34s023I can’t believe I’ve never gushed about how much I love Rishi Sharma on this blog, but now is my chance. I’m yet to speak to an Emmerdale fan who doesn’t enjoy the slightly bonkers vibe Rishi brings to the show. Sometimes he’s in dad mode and he can be overprotective towards his children but then other times he brings a great sense of humour to Emmerdale. You get the sense Bhasker Patel really has fun with the role especially when it requires him to do slightly outlandish things like this week’s hilarious speech about the Wizard of Oz as he pushed Laurel around the hospital, complaining about how heavy she was and doing impressions of the munchkins. He’s such an asset to the show and has me grinning constantly. We are blessed to have Rishi in our lives.

True Colours

Emmerdale - Pierce Crushes A Glass With His Hands - YouTubeCan this really count as a Fave – I don’t know – but I loved the final thirty seconds of Friday’s Emmerdale. For ages we’ve been wondering who exactly Pierce is and what his game is. There were rumours when he joined the show that he’d be a baddie but then there wasn’t any expansion on that gossip and Pierce seemed a bit odd (and too good to be true?) but nothing sinister seemed to emerge. Most of the time he just looked fine in a suit and spent most of his time in the pub with Rhona. BUT the end of Friday’s episode changed this and the Mr Nice Guy routine snapped – literally – along with the wine glass in his hand. The scene was shot really well and genuinely gave me that “Oooh!” feeling of intrigue. With Rhona and the rest of the village seemingly smitten are we about to see much a much darker side to Pierce? I’m really looking forward to seeing where this story goes and I hope it’s a slow burn, just like this reveal was.


Funny Turn?

Emmerdale - Ashley And Laurel's New Daughter, Dotty, Is Born! - YouTubeLaurel’s stressful homebirth scenes at the end of the week seemed weirdly executed and in a way, as though they were jarringly played for laughs. The nature of Ashley’s illness means it’s a long and turbulent deterioration and this week’s scenes were the show’s first misstep in making it seem repetitive and almost comedic. Was funny what they were going for? Ashley’s inability to get the right towels and Laurel alone downstairs in panic mode? Surely, this being Emmerdale, if they couldn’t get hold of a medical professional then one of the three vets would do? It all seemed a bit farcical and didn’t really work either as tense drama or as light relief, perhaps made even worse because the actual birth was so hurried, Laurel had popped out a rather large and clean Dotty before anyone had come back from making a cup of tea.

Sold Short

vlcsnap-2016-09-03-10h03m17s938I just cannot stand seeing Charity desperately selling herself short in an attempt to win back Cain. It seems so wrong to see a strong character like Charity willing to take the soulless scraps of himself that Cain’s offering. It’s been blindingly clear to everyone that Cain isn’t interested and that his heart still lies with Moira and after more attempts to push for a more serious relationship from him, Charity played dirty and got Moira to witness the snog sesh for herself. When Cain made it clear this didn’t mean Chain were endgame, Charity resorted to uncomfortable scenes of begging and pleading. This is not Charity or Cain at their best. For the love of Emmerdale can we please have the headstrong woman back? If she’s destined for romance in future how about a new match, a new character even, someone alpha and fun who actually gives a damn?


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