Scene of the Week (29 Aug – 2 Sep 2016)



The scene in which a hilariously drunk Bernice threatened to make Chrissie bald with a pair of electric clippers was one of THE best Emmerdale scenes in ages. Okay, not for its emotional drama or heart-wrenching moment but for its brilliant comedy. Increasingly riled by Chrissie’s saintly routine, Bernice ignored Robert’s advice and tried to get the truth out of Chrissie about Andy in any way she could. But after a few glasses of wine, things got slightly out of hand and once she’d revealed she thought Chrissie was lying, she couldn’t stop herself. From jabbing a finger at her, stumbling over her words “Andy, a man that I – …a man!” she demanded Chrissie tell the truth or get her head shaved (“I WILL MAKE YOU BALD!”). Samantha Giles is a superb actress with an impeccable talent for comedy which means Bernice continues to be one of the best characters in Emmerdale. This scene was laugh-out-loud funny, even if it did end up with poor Bernice vomming in one of the salon’s sinks – much to Robert’s disgust.


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