Fave or Fail? (12 – 16 Sep 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! A good week where we had a proper introduction to Frank and learnt about what gives Ross Barton nightmares!


Talking Frank

vlcsnap-2016-09-18-14h12m38s514He’s the new, smooth and charming silver fox in Emmerdale and I think I’m in love. It seems very clear there’s a lot more to Tracy and Vanessa’s dad Frank than meets the eye – he’s definitely going to get up to some very bad things, but right now he’s got charisma by the bucketload. Frank’s already won over one of his daughters and has got Charity swooning (Frank and Charity would be an incredible partnership btw) but we saw a glimpse of his darker side too. Frank’s immediately intriguing and his well-spoken manner is a great guise for concealing his true nature and schmoozing everyone onto his side. So far Frank seems like a great addition to Emmerdale and I’m really excited to see what impact he’s going to have long term.

French Fancy

vlcsnap-2016-09-18-14h11m36s888In times of break ups and shake ups when it comes to Emmerdale’s couples, it made a nice change to see a romantic pairing who isn’t going through a rough patch and watch them indulge in a little bit of light-hearted flirting. Before Aaron headed to France on a slightly random bit of scrap trade training (is that a thing?) he made time to tease Robert about his age and have a smooch in the hallway. Everyone knows Robron have earned one hell of a fanbase since their affair almost two years ago, but the chemistry between the actors still burns strong now that they’re more settled. We’re used to seeing Aaron and Robert in relentless emotional drama or cooking up revenge plots, so it was a welcome bit of levity to see them happy together, even with Aaron’s dubious command of the language of love.

Clowning Around

vlcsnap-2016-09-18-14h12m07s921We learnt something new about local hard-man Ross Barton this week – he’s terrified of clowns. It was such a small joke within the week’s episodes but so fantastically played by Mike Parr that I had to add it to my favourite moments of the week. Ross could barely look at the clown-come-stripper, flinching and using a beer mat to hide him from view. He was even less amused when Dan decided to scare him the next day by jumping out in a clown mask. So that’s clowns and needles now – I wonder what else Ross is afraid of? When they don’t overplay Ross’s comedy, he’s a really entertaining character and it’s far more enjoyable to see his light and shade like this, reluctantly stuck between Kerry and Dan’s issues, than the way the spent most of last year pining for Debbie and having aggro with Pete.

Paddy’s Bad Week

616-aaron-amp-robert-15th-september-2016-part-3-of-3-robert-only-youtubeI’m reluctant to completely commit to the idea of “poor Paddy” considering he was the one to cheat on Rhona and leave her heartbroken but Paddy seemed to be prime target for bad luck this week. He walked in on Vanessa slagging him off, he didn’t feel especially welcome staying with a loved up Carly and Marlon, he got splattered in muck and he got sprayed with a hose. By the end of the week, having staged a sit-in at his old home and feeling homeless and sorry for himself, he seemed to have a moment of realisation that he’d majorly effed up his life (about time too). But the enjoyment of these scenes have mainly been because it feels like we have the old Paddy back. I think we were all fed up with him during his affair but to see him as the hapless, soft-hearted klutz again is exactly what we’d been missing and as long as he doesn’t keep up his misjudged plot to “win” Rhona back, then I’m happy to have the old Paddy back again.


Beg Borrow Steal

614-aaron-amp-robert-15th-september-2016-part-1-of-3-robert-only-youtubeLisa was on a mad mission to keep Belle up north this week as the hospital wanted to move her to a specialist mental health ward in Surrey. Surrey! Not Surrey! From the way the Dingles reacted you’d have thought the hospital was in Sydney, and while Lisa’s reluctance to keep Belle close was because of greater fears about losing her daughter for good the Dingles’ reactions seemed completely OTT. Lisa’s anguish seemed even more pointless considering by the end of the week she had resolved that Surrey was the right place for Belle and she could still visit her, perhaps proving that the plot’s real purpose was to bond Lisa and Zak closer, to integrate Liv into the family and to let Lisa joyride! Unfortunately, Lisa’s short sighted stubbornness dominated the week’s plots and was grating when her heartbreak had been so poignant previously. And even though the Dingles aren’t always everyone’s friends in the village, it makes you wonder why they didn’t try doing a fundraiser or tapping some of their richer pals, rather than hoping the selfish Whites might help!


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