Scene of the Week (12 – 16 Sep 2016)



For a while now I’ve bemoaned a lack of a quality story for Priya and with Rakesh away, it finally looks like Emmerdale are giving Priya some decent material. Lately all her stories seemed to be bogged down in Rakesh’s deathly dull financial woes and the word ‘insurance’ but this week saw the continuation of stress and low self-esteem materialise in the relapse of her eating disorder. Thankfully for Priya, friend Leyla was on hand to give her some support. Leyla too hasn’t had a good story in a while so it was a blessing to see these two characters come to the front of a storyline. After Priya’s collapse, Leyla was quick to work out that this wasn’t just a ‘blip’ as Priya dismissed it as, but a return of her bulimia. There was no panic or judgement in Leyla’s reaction, only understanding and support. She tried to raise Priya’s energy levels and help her eat something, as well as trying to get her to open up and seek professional help. This scene of empathetic female friendship is the type of moment Emmerdale has been sorely lacking lately so it’s an easy choice for Scene of the Week. More of this type of friendship, please!


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