Fave or Fail? (19 – 23 Sep 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! In the week that saw David and Tracy get hitched, the best drama came from some unexpected romances.


Sparks Fly

emmerdale-holly-tells-jai-shes-leaving-youtubeThere might have been love chemicals in the water this week as three potential romances started brewing. First up and perhaps somewhat controversially it was Jai and Holly. It’s still jarring to see Jai so nice after last year (but let’s be real, lots of characters had an iffy 2015 on the villainous front) but if you can overlook the age gap between him and Holly, then their flirtation at David and Tracy’s wedding was well done. Neither of these two characters are favourites of mine but it was a welcome change to see them both smiling and sharing rather sparky conversation. However, with both of them having difficult times in the past with drugs, them hooking up might not be for the best. Then there was the brief tease of Pete and Leyla, whose terrible attempts at flirting came with sparkly eyes and hair flicking, but fizzled out by the end of the week. I still think there’s potential there! Finally, a pairing that looks to continue next week is Megan and Frank. It’s easy to see why she’d be charmed by him and it’s great to see Megan, an underappreciated character and a great actress, have more screentime!

Team Sugden

vlcsnap-2016-09-25-09h44m26s079I’ve often lamented Emmerdale’s lack of a proper story for Victoria Barton (nee Sugden) and this week we saw her get feistier as she learnt the truth about Chrissie White’s plot to frame her brother Andy. I love when Vic and Robert share scenes as they make a great sibling duo and her being able to juggle her catering business as she rescued him was an amusing watch. Even better was when she heard of Chrissie’s true colours and delivered a winning impression of Chrissie’s snooty flattery, before vowing revenge on the Whites. She’s smarter than Bernice and less reckless than Robert, so with any luck she’d be able to do a better job at taking down the Whites! If anything, this week confirmed that we need to see more of Victoria in action rather than being kept in the dark or standing on the sidelines.

Paddy Power

vlcsnap-2016-09-25-09h45m02s185Paddy’s possessive behaviour this week continued but again it was played for laughs. From rowing with Pearl about coasters to dressing up in a crown and throwing water at Chas to protect his castle – it was laugh out loud funny. But as Chas got through to him he broke down, gutted that he really had lost his chance and it was all over with Rhona. We saw his true vulnerability too as he was upset about potentially being cut out of Leo’s life too and the scenes of his realisation that he needed to move on were touching. A far cry from his behaviour at the start of 2016! As Chas offered her support it really made me cherish their friendship, my only hope is that they don’t turn this great friendship into an unnecessary romance.

Jimmy’s Sticky Situation

vlcsnap-2016-09-25-09h45m23s977It was a silly and bizarre little plot in this week’s Emmerdale but Jimmy King’s comedic expressions always gives me a good giggle. As Nicola and Jimmy tried to get their marriage back on track, he decided to attend a toddler club with Carl for a bit of peace. Only, unfortunately for Jimmy, it was at the same time as a meeting for coping with grief and a case of mistaken identity lead to Jimmy pouring his heart out about his “dead” wife as well as fitting in a good moan about Nicola. Nearly getting caught lying the next day by Bob, Jimmy had to think quickly on his feet and pretend his “late” wife was a pastry chef and sweet treats like that brought back too many memories. Sometimes it’s these small and silly stories with Jimmy that deliver the best awkward laughs and this is certainly one of them!


Sitcom Overload

emmerdale-tracy-is-covered-in-mud-on-her-wedding-day-youtubeMy interest in David and Tracy has waned since his refusal to take no for an answer and the increasingly irritating proposal schemes but thankfully with them getting wed this week it might quieten down. While I loved the gathering of characters for the “Hag” party and the wedding, there seemed to be one too many farcical scenes which leaned more on the sitcom than it did on the soap. While it’s fun seeing parties and costumes now and again, David and Tracey keep making a habit of it and it loses its comedy factor – maybe it’s time the fancy dress box had a rest? Then there was Frank’s kidnap of Tracy on her wedding day, a car crashing into a lake, a trek through a field, a mud-splashed dress, topped off by a performance of Steps as the final proposal effort. All things that might have been funny on their own (and the Steps routine did raise a smile, granted) but together it was all a bit too much. Besides, the Tracy/Frank/Vanessa story deserves more than having these silly slapstick adventures.


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