Scene of the Week (19 – 23 Sep 2016)



Victoria Barton to the rescue! Just when you thought Robert Sugden’s plots couldn’t be anymore ill-conceived, he returns with another stinker. This week, impersonating everything from Bob the Builder (nice hard-hat, Rob) to George of the Jungle, Robert tried to sabotage Chrissie White’s Treetop Adventure World with a little tinkering and ended up dangling in mid air with only his resourceful sister for help. Victoria hilariously told him to “hang on!” while she roped in stepmother Diane to do a little distraction and waylay the grand opening. It’s not often we see the fragmented Sugden family partake in a little comedy but it was a fun scene, even more so when an upside-down Robert tried to deny any involvement in the sabotage. So believable, Robert! Not only did Robert’s fall raise the giggles, but it was nice to see Victoria raising her eyebrows and rolling her eyes in despair before giving her brother some help.


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