Scene of the Week (26-30 Sep 2016)



I could have picked any scene from Thursday’s incredible double bill, but the breathtaking final scene is one that has stayed with me since. There was something beautiful as well as harrowing in that final shot of Moira being held up by Cain. Everything from the performance to the writing and direction was a real heart in mouth moment. Natalie J Robb gave it her all as Moira ran after the undertaker’s vehicle, unwilling and unable to say goodbye to her daughter. Once she’d chased them down the track, screaming and sobbing, she collapsed and just at the right moment, Cain appeared and took her in his arms. It seemed fitting, for all their torment and heartbreak that he was there to support her at the right moment when she needed someone and as the camera panned away it served as a reminder of what a strong partnership Moira and Cain were (and could be again? – who knows…).


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