5 reasons Emmerdale looks unmissable next week


Unless you’ve been trapped in an abandoned farm by your unhinged wife, you can’t have missed all the teasers, spoilers, the trailer and the hype about Emmerdale’s upcoming ‘Super Soap Week’ and if you’re anything like me then you’re frothing with excitement already.

There has been so much enthusiasm about this special week of Emmerdale from journalists and the cast and crew that it seems like it’s truly going to be unmissable. Heralded as their ‘biggest week ever’ the anticipation is high and here are just a few reasons why I can’t wait! (Contains mild spoilers.)

It’s shot in a special way

If you’ve read anything about next week’s Emmerdale you’ll know that the special format extends to the way the storylines are being told. Instead of the usual four or five plot strands crammed into half an hour, one character group and their story is getting the sole focus in an individual episode. And just like the trailer hinted, we will see the same day played out for each character group. What seems even more exciting is that Emmerdale are going all out to make this as cinematic as possible, using special cameras and appropriate incidental music. This will give the week a whole different look and feel, much like the incredible episode surrounding Holly’s death which used music and more artistic direction.

We also know the episode will feature flash forward scenes to a mysterious funeral and show symbolic teases about the disaster awaiting our faves, e.g. we’re going to see Aaron drown (please no) and then emerge, completely fine from a bath (that’s better) at the start of his episode. Clever and arty – I love it already.

Four huge storylines

One of Emmerdale’s best assets is their range of exciting storylines and they’re pulling out all their big hitters. Their special week has all bases covered – romance, humour, horror and emotion. Supercouple Aaron and Robert kick off the week with a deliciously dramatic course of events as Robert’s romantic proposal gets derailed by Lachlan (*shakes fist*). Then there’s bromance, friendship and peril as Marlon, Paddy and Rhona’s camping trip has Pierce seething and on Wednesday Emma’s bonkers love for James steps up a gear as she dons her old wedding dress and he tries to escape (so excited about this mad storyline!). On Thursday we get the emotional and grounded Ashley and Laurel story which seems to end up in all the plots converging in a disastrous event. If each story alone wasn’t gripping enough then seeing them combine is going to be must-see.

Stunts and secrets

Emmerdale have been keeping things very close to their chest when it comes to this big week and in the wake of Holly’s secret shock death we know they can pull out these jaw dropping moments so anticipation is high! We know there are underwater stunts filmed at Pinewood studios, we know press watched a different stunt being filmed, we know someone is going to die AND we know to expect the unexpected. Just what is going to be the climax of the week, who is going to end up hurt and who is going to make it out alive? It’s only days away!

Movie homages

Producer Iain MacLeod had big aims to make this super soap week as cinematic as possible so it’s no surprise that the episodes themselves have a number of movie references. The obvious homage has got to be Emma’s Misery-inspired trapping of James, but there are apparently other nods including Final Destination and Groundhog Day. With Cher’s music featuring, are we going to start every episode with I Got You Babe? I kinda hope so!

Guaranteed stellar performances

If there’s one thing you can be totally sure of when it comes to Emmerdale is that their incredible cast knock it out the past. The show is FINALLY picking up accolades left right and centre and it’s easy to see why when they’re blessed with some of the most talented actors on TV and certainly in soap. I have every faith that these episodes are going to tug at heart strings and leave us desperate for the next episode to see what happens to our favourite characters.

Roll on Monday! (And I never thought I’d be saying that!)


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