Fave or Fail? (10-14 Oct 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! A great week with a thrilling end – get ready for next week’s episodes!


Enthralling Emma

vlcsnap-2016-10-15-21h33m59s178For a long time, Emmerdale were treading water in their writing of Emma Barton, never really knowing how far to take her extreme behaviour. But thank god they’ve decided to turn her up to eleven because now she’s finally shining. Her behaviour might be completely OTT but Gillian Kearney is doing an incredible job with the role. There was so much crackling tension at the start of the week when she overheard Ross and James discussing the latter’s dalliance and feelings for Moira but there are still moments when your heart actually breaks for fragile Emma. I love the way Gillian plays Emma’s dark and unhinged side and the mask of innocence she holds in front of her family. The best part is when the mark starts to crack and we see her raw and frightening emotion. Emma seems so sweet and nurturing, even though as an audience we know there’s a bitter and twisted heart underneath and she’s got to be one of the most interesting characters in the Dales right now!

Things are Going to Change

vlcsnap-2016-10-16-09h45m07s894“This time tomorrow, things are going to completely change. Forever.” Fateful words there from Robert at the end of Friday’s episode and a definite goosebumps moment knowing that big drama awaits, but knowing how popular the Grim Reaper is in the village, probably not a wise thing to speculate over if you’re a resident. I’ve already talked about Friday’s great final scene but I really loved the ramping of the tension in all of the major plots where there definitely feels like there is a lot at stake here for all the characters.

Misery Business

vlcsnap-2016-10-15-21h18m01s732I’ve already made Emma my favourite part of the week but the Misery inspired plot itself is worth a place on my Faves list too. Once Emma discovered James had cheated (and is in love) with Moira, she wasn’t letting him go – and luckily for her he broke his leg, twice! Everything in this plot is outrageous genius but it’s so grim and exciting that I can’t help but love it. Knowing a cat died (RIP lovely kitty), that Emma laced something as comforting as apple pie with morphine and that she’s doing everything to keep him in her clutches makes me so excited for next week. We’ve already seen James try and fail at escape so I can’t wait to see what horrors await!


vlcsnap-2016-10-15-21h40m22s623A brief emotional moment this week, but it pulled on my Coira loving heartstrings, was when Cain showed up at Holly’s funeral and hid out of sight. Everything about Cain and Moira feels unresolved and even though he’s brought her so much pain, it’s clear he still loves her very deeply. Jeff Hordley plays Cain’s dilemma so well and you can feel the regret and guilt pouring from him. This whole plot makes me ache and even though it would take time and a lot of forgiveness I really think Cain and Moira are meant to be.


First Impressions

emmerdale-rebecca-white-lands-in-emmerdale-in-a-helicopter-youtubeHer name has long been mentioned in the grand premises of Home Farm but this week we finally got to meet Rebecca White! Considering we’ve had two years to imagine what Chrissie’s sister could be like, expectations were high and arriving via helicopter (awks), Rebecca certainly made her entrance. But unfortunately it all went downhill from there. In the week that built anticipation for their big week of special episodes, Emmerdale spent no time on any sort of character building for Rebecca with her motivation for coming to the village and seducing Robert lacking any real sense. We hardly even saw her with her family which seemed like a weird misstep! She served a very plot driven purpose but it was a disappointing introduction to a character who could actually bring something different to Home Farm and the Whites. Right now, Rebecca doesn’t seem to be all that different from her spoilt sister and her desperate, multiple attempts to get Robert to stray didn’t do any favours as a newbie. Let’s hope she adds something unique to the Home Farm contingent (not just dodgy headbands) and lives up to her hyped helicopter arrival!

Get Rid!

vlcsnap-2016-10-15-21h07m13s187I find it hard to care about Rakesh’s plots at the best of times but this week I’m marking as a huge Fail for Priya’s character development too. Perhaps we’re meant to see Rakesh as a desperate man, even feel sorry for him, but his plights haven’t been engaging so when it all came to an anti-climactic head this week I cared even less. My interest did increase when Priya saw his true colours and ended things. Finally! –  I thought – his lies have been exposed and she’ll see she is worth so much more. But no, sadly it wasn’t to be and by the end of the week she decided to take him back. GROAN! I find it hard to believe Priya could brush everything under the carpet like this, marriage vows or not. Their marriage doesn’t ever seem particularly strong or – let’s face it – all that interesting so I have no desire to see her stick by him and make it work. Not only is Rakesh a liar, a fraud and an arsonist, he’s dull. And sometimes that is the worst crime of all. Get rid, Priya. You can do better.


One thought on “Fave or Fail? (10-14 Oct 2016)

  1. This is pretty typical of Priya. She stayed with Cain even though he was clearly using her, and it took a litany of horrid behavior (the last learning that he’d bullied a teenage girl into an abortion [or so he thought anyway]) to open her eyes. She stayed with David for a year even as she knew he was in love with another woman. It’s disappointing but I can see why she’s sticking it out. I just hope this goes somewhere soon and that he doesn’t take the Sharmas down with him.

    I’ve liked the handful of scenes of Rebecca with her family, but yes, I’d prefer more. Or with other characters. The scenes with Robert are repetitive and degrading, and they make him look like a hypocrite. How else can you react to him telling her to have loyalty, when the whole reason he brought her to the village was so she wouldn’t be loyal? Pathetic.


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