Scene of the Week (10-14 Oct 2016)



Is it cheating to name this selection of scenes as my one ‘scene’ of the week? Hm maybe. But just like Laura Norton (Kerry) tweeted, this gave me chills in preparation for Emmerdale’s hotly anticipated Super Soap Week. With a truly fitting and subtle background soundtrack of Carole King’s Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? we saw all our big stories get ready for next week’s carnage. The song seemed very apt for all sorts of reasons – Ashley’s dementia worsening, Robert’s proposal nerves, Pierce’s increasing paranoia and Emma’s grip on James. This montage saw the four big stories align with very little dialogue. Laurel was oblivious to Ashley’s deterioration (heart-crushingly played by John Middleton); Pierce eyed Rhona’s family set up with his usual ambiguous but threatening expression; Robert showed his commitment to and passion for Aaron by grabbing him for a breathy snog in the pub, engagement ring in his pocket (yesss!); and Emma closed the curtains and looked mournfully at a drugged James. The combination of all these moments was a huge tease of things to come next week and honestly has made me wish the entire weekend away. Four huge stories and one major week of events to come – this was a great end to the week!


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