Super Soap Week Review: Episode Five


Episode Five: Bypass Aftermath

I don’t know about you but I barely survived that thirty minute gap between episodes on Thursday. The second episode of the night picked up straight after the horrific collision to find our favourites all in varying states of hell. Ashley and Emma locked eyes over the wreckage, Paddy and Pierce struggled trying to work together for Rhona’s survival, Finn was the on-site hero oblivious to his unconscious father in the road and Aaron and Robert panicked as they awoke to their car at the bottom of a lake. This episode was outstanding. I stopped breathing at several points.

Scene of the Episode


There’s something very grim about watching someone trapped and drowning and Emmerdale brought this into our homes on Thursday night just to get our hearts racing a bit harder. We’re used to seeing Aaron Dingle as brave and fearless but seeing him face death like this was a torturous watch. With water sloshing over the camera and the in-car shots you really felt the claustrophobia alongside Aaron and Robert as their desperation to escape heightened. There’s nothing quite as painful as the heart-rippingly tragic “I love yous” when someone thinks they’re going to die and watching these two, who had been so close to happiness, fight for their chance was agonising. Thank god for Robert’s determination and kiss of life. This scene was traumatic in all the best ways a drama should be.

Quote of the Episode

Paramedic: Was there anybody else in there?!
[long and evil pause]
Pierce: No.

Favourite Bits

vlcsnap-2016-10-23-17h28m32s752God, that opening. There was something so stressful and unsettling in the quiet of the disaster. Unconscious people, the sound of vehicles smoking, the bubbles underwater of Aaron and Robert’s sinking car. Emmerdale managed to create a real sense of danger and jeopardy in these episodes quite unlike the helicopter crash when most villagers removed themselves from the wreckage pretty quickly. Once again there were some beautiful shots, particularly as Ashley and Emma made eye contact through the fog. Chilling! Luckily for Emma, Ashley’s unlikely to remember her being there.

vlcsnap-2016-10-23-17h25m18s479Having other villagers come to the scene gave the episodes a real community feel, especially having the usually comedic Finn right in the thick of it, which was even harder knowing that he was oblivious to his dad’s condition. Massive kudos to Joe Gill in his devastation when he did find out as Laurel broke the news – his cries for his dad were haunting. But out of everyone, Finn would be my choice of hero – what a star he was, saving lives and being calm and supportive of Ashley.

vlcsnap-2016-10-23-17h27m20s578Paddy managed to keep himself talking and entertained even though he was close to passing out but the tension between him and Pierce over Rhona was strained as they tried to save her life. Although it seems like Pierce is madly in love with her, his villainous dark side materialised in the jaw-dropping “You bastard” moment that I really loved – when he didn’t tell the paramedics about Paddy’s condition. Of course he played the hero later but it showed us just what he’s capable of!

vlcsnap-2016-10-23-17h26m36s006Robert and Aaron regained consciousness to find themselves in the worst possible situation underwater and Aaron was still panicked about Lachlan in the boot. After some heartbreaking scenes reminiscent of Jack and Rose in Titanic, Robert managed to save Aaron’s life and get him to shore, before diving back in to rescue slippery Lachlan. Luckily Adam and Vic were on hand for moral support but the whole thing was tense beyond belief. It was great to see Robert so calm and heroic in his desperate rescue attempts but his exhausted heartbreak and anger at Lachlan almost made me wish he’d finish Lachlan off for good. vlcsnap-2016-10-23-17h27m54s846Would it be such a loss?

Gillian Kearney stole the end of the episode with her shattering screams of distress when she returned to Wylie’s. In a panic she began packing her belongings until Finn called. We saw what an actress Emma could be when she needed to as she gathered herself together to answer his call, but the brilliant twist to finish the episode? James was still alive!!!

Stray Observations

  • Cluck cluck cluck – loved the way chickens featured all week
  • If the rumours are true that the guy Finn rescued is going to become his love interest then Finn’s a lucky guy – cute!
  • Trust Paddy to make jokes during a near death moment
  • Laurel’s horror movie scream was chilling but her off-hand comment that it was James in the road not Ashley was unintentionally hilarious. The shade!
  • Poor Ashley clutching the teddy and remembering the christening 😦
  • “I’m not leaving you!” // “I love you. Please just go.” – yes readers, that’s the sound of my heart breaking into a million pieces
  • Robert looked like a sexy merman when he went back to save Lachlan
  • Lachlan emerging safe on the backs and watching on was another “Ooh ya bastard!” moment (hate him, but loved that moment!). How did he get out that boot?!
  • What. An. Ending!

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