Super Soap Week Review: Episode One


Considering how incredible Super Soap Week was for Emmerdale, smashing ratings and perceptions of soap into a whole new ball game, I thought I’d dedicate a whole post per episode just so I could properly do the week justice.

Episode One: Aaron and Robert

A brilliant start to the week and an episode which had everything: romance, comedy, action, emotion and – like the rest of the episodes that followed – a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. This episode was a Robron shippers’ dream come true whilst holding very true to both guys and allowing their tumultuous relationship time to breathe and open up with some needed honesty.

Scene of the Episode


After all the action and comedy (yes, comedy) of a kidnap, it was this breath-taking and visually stunning (not just Ryan Hawley’s face – promise) scene which slowed down the episode and gave it huge emotional weight. Since Aaron and Robert decided to give their relationship a go, there’s always been a bit of a question mark over Robert’s sexuality and history but this scene saw him open up in a way we’d not previously seen. We’ve seen many sides to Robert Sugden’s complicated personality but this scene which delved into his character in such a raw and intimate way was delivered beautifully by Ryan Hawley making Robert’s heartbreaking insecurities feel real and gave context to some of his more ambiguous moments in the past. Having Aaron tell him he loved him (yes, Rob, at last!) and that he never stopped after giving him his own boost of emotional support made for a memorable and poignant scene for the episode and the pairing.

Quote of the Episode

Robert: Nice spot. What – are we gonna ramble him into submission?

Favourite Bits

vlcsnap-2016-10-22-17h56m08s748Not only did the episode open with some gratuitous and very welcome nudity (after the artistic prophetic shots) but a great reminder of why we all fell in love with Robron in the first place – their sexual chemistry. No one quite does bedroom eyes like Robert Sugden.

Another star of this episode was Victoria. She was cute, funny and vlcsnap-2016-10-22-17h55m03s136handled her clueless and nervous big bro expertly. She pulled no punches telling him his proposal practice was crap but her genuine excitement was adorable. If the ginormous picnic was her making then I hope she wasn’t too sad it got left to ruin in the barn!

Lachlan might have tried to derail Robert’s best proposal efforts with his disgusting threats to accuse Rob of sexual assault, but Aaron wasn’t having any of it. It was fun to see Aaron doing the rash and dangerous action vlcsnap-2016-10-22-17h55m48s878instead of his vengeful boyfriend and there was a great mix of humour and action in the scenes, with some hilarious lines in the script. Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley have chemistry in truck loads but these scenes proved they can make a great comedy double act as well as sizzle.

Robert’s pivotal coming out scene was my pick of the episode but vlcsnap-2016-10-22-17h56m46s946huge kudos to Emmerdale for finally letting Robert vocalise his bisexuality. The frank discussion about bisexuality, cheating and all the myths was a ground breaking moment for soap and handled openly in a way that felt true to the characters. And to make the moment even more special – the scene in the forest was visually stunning.

vlcsnap-2016-10-22-17h57m35s106That ending! By the end of the week we knew what was coming but let’s not forget how much of a genuine shock that first car swerve was! As the boys continued to bicker (in a pretty cute coupley way) Robert sprung a very Robron proposal (mid argument) but before Aaron answered we were left with shouts, a screech of tyres and the credit music! Arrrgh the wait for Tuesday was hell!

Stray Observations

  • Our first glimpse at the mysterious funeral and what impressive shots they were in the rain
  • If only Emmerdale could use those fancy and expensive cameras always, every shot looked amazing – such high quality, glossy visuals
  • Scrapping has been very good to Aaron’s physique, if y’know what I mean
  • Loving Robron’s bedding – where can I get myself their purple duvet?
  • First the scene transitions felt quick and strange but with the use of music and soft focus shots I got used to it
  • Lachlan’s a nasty piece of work but Robert’s sharp retorts were perfect
  • Robert calling Aaron “Cain” – perfect
  • That saucy copper who thought the lads were having some al fresco fun. Brilliant

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