Super Soap Week Review: Episode Two


Episode Two: Paddy, Marlon, Rhona and Pierce

Episode two had quite a different feel from the first in the week and overall (Pierce and Rhona’s spats aside) was a much lighter, comedic episode. Quite a blessing really because from this episode onwards it was all tension and bleakness but first there was Tuesday’s bromance to get us through it!

Scene of the Episode


Away from Marlon and Paddy capers in the woods, Rhona and Paddy were given a quiet moment to reflect on their relationship. While Paddy still clung to the idea that him and Rhona were meant to be, she sadly admitted she thought so too until his betrayal. This scene was played with truth, without histrionics, as Rhona revealed her hurt at Paddy’s repeated and deliberate behaviour in cheating with Tess. There are feelings there, a closeness, but it never felt overplayed or out of place – there wasn’t a swell of forgiveness and sudden feelings from Rhona. It was an emotional moment that felt like closure for Paddy, even if his love for Rhona won’t diminish and although nothing could make me like the Tess/Paddy affair plot, the aftermath for Rhona and Paddy has given Zoe Henry and Dominic Brunt the chance to really shine.

Quote of the Episode

Paddy: So you left April, with your credit card and put her online?
Marlon: Note to self: must check that. Quite urgently.

Favourite Bits

vlcsnap-2016-10-22-21h12m33s975This episode was the ultimate showcase of Paddy and Marlon’s iconic friendship, full to the brim with hilarious one liners and banter between the two which is something we missed desperately during Paddy’s descent and temporary exit. I loved how clueless they both were about camping, realising they were going to need many books and their debate over their camping song lyrics!

It wasn’t all fun and games as Rhona and Pierce’s bubbling tension blew up in their first vlcsnap-2016-10-22-21h11m45s415big fight. Pierce simmers with anger and resentment in a way that can be quite unnerving and I love when Rhona’s given the fight and the guts in her scenes – Zoe Henry always delivers this brilliantly – so you’re often cheering her on.

Knuckles! One of the highlights of this episode was the mysterious and odd guest character ‘Knuckles’ with his mute son. Initially Marlon and Paddy were quite terrified by his weird behaviour and creepy talk about the vlcsnap-2016-10-22-21h18m26s599woods but the punchline came later (after both men had been completely shaken up) when it was revealed he was actually harmless, middle class (with his son called Tobias!) and was just playing with them.

After leaving adorable Leo at a camp club, Marlon and Paddy entered “The Forest of Murder” and managed to spook themselves during their reluctant adventure to collect wood for a fire. Already tense from Knuckles’ strange vlcsnap-2016-10-22-21h46m32s435comments, they jumped at every noise, shrieking and clutching each other for safety. Sure this episode was a bit light on plot but Marlon and Paddy’s friendship is so endearing and lovable that their sitcom fear was a hilarious moment of joy in a dark week.

vlcsnap-2016-10-22-21h59m26s046It was a bit of a yikes moment when we realised Pierce knew Rhona was lying and showed up at the campsite. We saw real flashes of Pierce’s unreasonable temper and it all added to the unease of not quite knowing where we stand with Pierce thanks to an engaging and dark performance from Jonathan Wrather. And then with all the characters on the road (except Marlon and Leo thankfully) once again we were left with the feeling of dread…

Stray Observations

  • The flashforward with the blood/paint was probably my favourite of the whole week
  • We got glimpses of the other plots in the first episode but this is the first chance we got to see how it worked in action, so we saw Marlon see Robert but not know what the conversation was about with Paddy – a really fun thing to spot
  • Loved all the cross overs again with the same radio music and the chicken van heading to Wylie’s Farm
  • Pierce ignoring Leo might just be the worst thing he’s ever done – cruel. Until Thursday that is
  • I love that Paddy and Marlon are basically big children in the Forest of Murder
  • The reveal that it was Rhona with the dinosaur was classic horror direction – brilliant

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