Fave or Fail? (24-28 Oct 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! In the aftermath of James’s death, the Bartons and the characterisation of female characters (barring Queen Emma) suffered!


Broken Bartons

emmerdale-the-police-want-to-question-emma-about-jamess-death-youtubeIt’s no surprise that in the immediate aftermath of last week’s crash that the Bartons were a broken family and Emma in particular was a mess as she tried to deal with her involvement in James’s death. Once again Gillian Kearney played Emma’s behaviour – from jittery state to her calm innocent act – to perfection and I loved how there were moments where her resolve broke and she almost confessed to her part in the accident. The blood splattered wedding dress played another iconic role as she burned the evidence of it outside the now very cursed Wylie’s Farm as her boys remained oblivious to her part in their dad’s death. With Emma’s breakdowns about how much she loved James and how sorry she is, surely it’s only a matter of time before someone gets suspicious, but hopefully not too soon – Emma continues to be one of the most interesting characters in Emmerdale!

Rare and Precious Smiles

vlcsnap-2016-10-30-10h03m13s923With James dead, Rhona in agony and Ashley bewildered and confused at least someone had reason to smile after last week and that person was Aaron Dingle. I’ve long bemoaned Aaron’s lack of happiness so what a real pleasure it was to see him with a soppy grin on his face, engaged and surrounded by loved ones as he recovered in hospital – even if he couldn’t remember how he got that ring on his finger. With everything Aaron’s gone through in his depressing life, especially when you recall his life-changing struggle with his sexuality, it’s a joy to see him content and confident, excited to marry the man of his dreams. Robron’s touching heart to heart made my scene of the week already but it was a reminder too of just how far they’ve come as a couple and despite Chas’s excitement I think she’s going to be great fun as Robert’s mother in law from hell. Bring it on!

The Final Breakdown

emmerdale-cain-walks-away-from-a-screaming-charity-youtubeThe breakdown of Cain and Charity’s reunion and Cain’s love for Moira resurfacing seemed inevitable from day one, but this week saw it finally come to a head as Cain realised he couldn’t leave with Charity as planned. Even though Charity’s clingy reaction didn’t seem to belong to the woman we know and love, the scenes in which Cain realised he needed and loved Moira, and not in the same way as Charity, were powerfully performed on the roadside. Despite Jeff Hordley’s brilliant on-screen partnership with Emma Aktins, the tension between Cain and Moira is almost unbearable and even though it might take him a long time to work for Moira’s love again, those two seem like they’re destined to be together in the long run.


The Real Charity Dingle?

emmerdale-cain-walks-away-from-a-screaming-charity-youtube-1Emmerdale have got a serious problem right now when it comes to their female characters and unfortunately it’s having a really negative impact on one of their best: Charity Dingle. You can’t deny the scenes where Cain left Charity were incredibly well acted and it’s a testament to Jeff and Emma’s chemistry that they’ve made the Charity and Cain scenes watchable – even if in this story they’re hard to root for – but Charity is not the strong woman she should be. We’ve all seen that she loves Cain and is desperate to have the complete family package but in her quest she’s ignored so many signs that this isn’t what he wants. Charity isn’t desperate or pathetic and she should be gutsy and fiercely independent. Instead we’ve seen her lose her spark in her mission and instead of seeming vulnerable, she just doesn’t seem herself. Would she really scream and sob at him before faking her own suicide? Charity’s better than this, she’s deserves better than to have her whole character dependent on Cain’s (lack of) affection. Sort it out, Emmerdale.

All the Women, So Dependent

emmerdale-chrissie-slaps-rebecca-and-rebecca-slaps-her-back-youtubeTwo other females also suffering under Emmerdale’s treatment of women are sisters at war Chrissie and Rebecca. Following on from last week’s truly epic episodes we had a tiresome and unpleasant plot about two rich girls sniping at each other over daddy’s money and Robert – a man who didn’t want either of them. It was a real come-down story wise and worse than that, it reduced two supposedly feisty women to slapping each other in the pub and making their relationship solely about money and men. The Whites are a divisive and antagonistic family with privileged characters who are hard to relate to, but the desperation and spitefulness coming from both women hasn’t made their scenes an enjoyable watch either. The Whites seem to be stuck in their own bubble and before Rebecca’s arrival, there were hopes she might bring something fresh to the table – but if all their plots are going to revolve around money, paternity and who got screwed over by Robert worse, then maybe someone else needs to shake up the Whites. Failing that, there hasn’t been a fire at Home Farm in a while…


6 thoughts on “Fave or Fail? (24-28 Oct 2016)

  1. ” Charity isn’t desperate or pathetic and she should be gutsy and fiercely independent. ”

    I’m not sure if it’s ever been that simple with Charity. She’s been desperate and pathetic on more than one occasion, like when she dragged Ross (a stranger to her at that point beyond being a carjacking thug) into her marriage bed to get Jai back. She’s also never been that fiercely independent. Her behavior with enabling Declan (an out of control man who beat his sister bloody) wasn’t exactly strong or independent. She also let herself be degraded by Tom King, pleading for him to understand, when he wrongly condemned her. Rather than move on with her life, she seduced a man who disgusted her (his son Jimmy) to get proof against Sadie King for her schemes. Only then did she leave the village.

    Charity has been worn down by her stupid and self-destructive relationship with Declan and a prison stint, and she decided to define herself by her relationship with Cain – in her mind he was the only thing that mattered, she loved him, he saved her, and so on. She’s at rock bottom. I don’t mind her being there as long as we get to see her building herself back up. I was hoping you might write more about the scenes that were truly misogynist – Ross, the deadbeat father and all around walking hardon, calling her a bad mother and a slapper after using her for sex.

    As for the Whites, I’m pretty sure this is heading toward them teaming up against Robert, so it’s hard for me to care much. With that said, Chrissie has always hated women, from her early months on the show. I’m more disappointed that Rebecca is entangled in this trying to “seduce” Robert or carrying a torch for him. It’s dull, and it allows people to run wild with fever dreams about how she must have his child stashed away or he will knock her up by Christmas.


    • ” I was hoping you might write more about the scenes that were truly misogynist – Ross, the deadbeat father and all around walking hardon, calling her a bad mother and a slapper after using her for sex.”

      With Charity I expect better from the writing to be honest. She deserves more from the show than to have her whole existence devoted to Cain. She’s far more enjoyable away from him. It feels unpleasant and degrading to see her like this.

      As for Ross, I don’t really expect any better from him these days – he’s a pig, but then he has been for a long time. His treatment of Charity in the barn was disgusting – that didn’t really require a proper “review” as such!


  2. I completely agree with you about emmerdale’s treatment of women in the show. Why are they becoming so men obcessed? I kind of get why Charity is acting the way she is, althought it’s a bit ooc. She loves Cain and is blinded by that love and can’t see that Cain’s heart is elsewhere. I really hope that a Coira reunion is on the horizon, because I really love them together and I think that they have better chemistry.

    Now the two sisters from hell (:p). I have never liked the Whites and I find Chrissie a bit annoying, but I can see where she is coming from. At the end of the day, she is just trying to save her son, althought in reality she is not helping him one bit by excusing his sociopath (?) tendencies. But I get it, she is just a mum. But this fighting with Rebecca because of Robert is so silly… He doesn’t give a toss about either of them! The show ismaking me side with Chrissie on this one, and I don’t think that it was the plan… Because Rebecca was presented has having a heart of gold and all that and I really can’t see it. I mean, what kind of a person sleeps with their sister’s fiance? That is so low and actually a bit disgusting…. And she is annoying me with her persuit of a man that has clearly said that he doesn’t want anything from her…it doesn’t make much sense and emmerdale aren’t being very clever about the way they are introducing her character. I just hope she moves on and becomes a more interesting character, but until that I’m actually rooting for Chrissie. I did love your quip about a fire. Emmerdale, do me a favor and kill them all (joking :P)

    It’s kind of amazing to see Aaron and Robert being so in love so freely. I’m so happy for them! And anyone with eyes can see how much they mean to each other. I hope emmerdale doesn’t screw this up, at least for the time being, for 5 minutes of drama. As individuals Aaron and Robert are so complicated and messed up that they can have problems without the involvement of third parties 😉


    • “I mean, what kind of a person sleeps with their sister’s fiance? That is so low and actually a bit disgusting…”

      Lol Robert did the same thing to Andy when he and Katie were getting married the first time around. Plus, he’s the one who repeatedly cheated on Chrissie so I think if anyone deserves to be called disgusting, it’s him (and I say this as a Robert fan).


  3. After last year, when Charity kept popping up just to tell Debbie she and Ross were like Cain and Charity (ugh) and they gave her a surprise baby, I decided not to expect anything from the writing. I think the idea of her being dependent on Cain as an emotional crutch is interesting if we see good aftermath and she builds herself back up. The problem is I don’t know if we will. What disgusts me most is the way Chas (who is a huge hypocrite) speaks about Charity, and I’m sure we will be getting more of that soon.

    I can see why you didn’t bother with Ross, but for me that was just a nasty scene, even worse than everything with Cain. I never know how they want people to feel about Ross because no one ever calls him out (on the show I mean).


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