Scene of the Week (24-28 Oct 2016)



After last week’s epic carnage and Scenes of a Distressing Nature, thank god for Monday’s healthy dose of romance for the Dales’ favourite dysfunctional couple, Aaron and Robert. With Aaron dosed up to the eyeballs and wary about Robert’s commitment, we were treated to another heart-to-heart between the pair as Robert tried to prove to him how much he wanted to marry him. After all the couple have been through it was a heart-warming moment to see them open up and express their love for one another, acknowledging that their ‘messed up’ love is one that they want forever. Seriously, with the emotions delivered by Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley you’d have to have a heart of steel not to be moved, especially when Robert, heartbroken at the thought of losing Aaron again, pledged he’d have died with Aaron in that lake. My heart! Now that they’re engaged – for real this time – I can’t wait for the wedding!


2 thoughts on “Scene of the Week (24-28 Oct 2016)

  1. It’s amazing how much chemistry ryan and danny have. I don’t think I ever saw a couple with that much passion but at the same time care and deeply love as those two. Their scenes this past two weeks have been so beautiful ❤ It makes my heart melt and I've never been one to like fluffy scenes, but with them…


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