Scene of the Week (31 Oct -4 Nov 2016)



Possibly one of the most twisted and harrowing scenes to watch in a long time, Emmerdale made this an easy choice for Scene of the Week. Gillian Kearney and John Middleton are two of Emmerdale’s stand-out performers lately and to see their storylines come together in a dark and gripping way is compelling viewing. With Ashley as the only witness to Emma’s involvement in the crash and his memories hazy at best, Emma did everything in her power to confuse and distress Ashley to ensure her secrets are kept. The most deliciously evil thing about Emma as a character is that outwardly she is soft and the perfect angelic nurse, but her behaviour in this scene was truly shocking. Unnerved and upset by Emma’s continuous switch of the conversation, Ashley broke down in tears crying like a child only for Emma to hug him. Kudos to John Middleton for making Ashley’s upset so raw and uncomfortable that this scene was genuinely distressing.


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