Fave or Fail? (7-11 Nov 2016)


Every week I run through the best and worst bits of the week on Emmerdale. Tell me your faves and fails in the comments! There were fireworks this week – literal and metaphorical – and Diane took her campaign against the Whites very seriously. With placards.


Gaydar Games

aaron-amp-robert-10th-november-2016-part-4-youtubeWe all needed a laugh this week. Thankfully it came curtesy of Aaron and Finn’s hilarious hospital scenes and these two gave us some very welcome smiles. As far as personality goes, you can’t get much more different than Aaron and Finn and it was this contrast that made for such brilliant moments as they waited for Victoria. While Finn was nervously trying to determine whether the coma patient he’d been visiting was gay, he turned to Aaron (out of sheer desperation I’m guessing) and his apparently stellar gaydar. Aaron was a mixture of bemused and weirded out by Finn’s attachment to unconscious Kasim and even more so with Finn’s proposed theory that an interest in Kylie is a litmus test akin to the Kinsey scale. Aaron, it transpires, is not a Kylie fan and Finn’s theory took a bit of a kicking. It was a combination of deadpan delivery, facial expressions and the writing that made this unlikely friendship work so well. And as ever it combined two of my favourite things – Finn getting screentime and Aaron having some happier material.

Family Fears

emmerdale-adam-and-victoria-agree-to-have-a-baby-youtubeVictoria and Adam are one of my favourite couples in The Dales – they just work. Their scenes are full of genuine love for each other and it was a pleasure to see them get more focus towards the end of the week. After run ins with Ross (more on that below), Vic and Adam faced new drama as they discussed the possibility of having kids. As Vic worried she might be pregnant it seemed like they were torn over becoming parents with Vic more keen than Adam. Even though Adam more than proved with Johnny that he’s dad material, he was understandably anxious after what happened with his “son” last time. For now they both seem to be on a similar page, but for how long? There’s something so warm about their marriage that any tense arguments (or when Vic cries) are affecting to watch and I can’t help but feel (with Adam Thomas doing a stint in the jungle on TV’s I’m A Celeb) that this baby making isn’t going to end well.

Team Diane

vlcsnap-2016-11-12-21h21m39s353There’s been one shining light as this #Justice4Andy plot rumbles on (and on) and this week it’s been Diane Sugden. Despite having the best intentions of keeping it from her, Diane was fuming at Robert for keeping Chrissie’s twisted smear campaign from her and vowed revenge on the White family. I loved seeing Diane’s fiery determination in a passion that reminded me of dearly departed Val, but I also loved her very misguided and poorly thought out attempts at sabotage. The week didn’t end so well, what with her getting arrested, but it was great to see Diane front and centre again considering how missed she is behind the bar.


Wishy Washy Whites

emmerdale-chrissie-knocks-rebecca-out-cold-youtubePerhaps this week’s biggest but most boring plot was all the drama surrounding the Whites. I’m really struggling to care about the whole family at the moment and this war between them and the Sugdens is dragging with no end in sight, especially as it doesn’t seem like Andy is returning any time soon. Currently it all seems like a bit of a muddle. Their motivations and personalities seem inconsistent and often I’m left wondering how we’re meant to see them – villains or victims? Even newbie Rebecca hasn’t been given enough of a personality for us to understand why she has such a problem with her big sis. They’re isolated in the village and their continued protection of disturbed and convicted sex offender Lachlan means they struggle to be an engaging set of characters and can’t just be the camp toffs they’d be better suited as. Chrissie can be entertaining at times as the unashamed soap bitch and Lawrence’s tragic past with Ronnie was a real highlight, but outside this the characters seem too vaguely sketched and it’s all a bit soulless.

Too Unpleasant

emmerdale-adam-and-rosss-fighting-injures-victoria-youtubeThe Barton brothers were at loggerheads (AGAIN) this week so it was another opportunity to turn down the volume on your telly and prepare for some chest-thumping caveman shouting from all sides. But who’s the real Fail of the week? Ross. Once again Ross is out to prove that just because you’re good looking, it doesn’t stop you from being a Grade A dick. The only person who gave Ross a friendly ear was Victoria proving that she truly has a heart of gold, because who else could stomach his immaturity and nastiness? Sadly, in his bid to piss off Adam, Ross made two unwanted attempts to kiss Vic, ruining any sympathy and earning him a deserved slap from her. Ross’s attitude to women is deplorable at the best of times but that scene was particularly unpleasant to watch. Lately, aside from the obviously cute scenes with Moses, it’s hard to remember why anyone ever liked Ross, with any softness and warm heartedness lost to this relentless aggression and misogyny instead. We might know the reasons behind his bad behaviour, but his issues with James and “middle child syndrome” – as Finn called it – have never fully worked to make him empathetic. Emmerdale could and can write Ross empathetically, but right now his character has become almost consistently unpleasant to watch and I’m hoping we see something new for his character soon.



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